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Safeguard Extends Product Line With Compact Self-Locking Coin Bag

| by Tim Sanford

SOMERVILLE, NJ -- Safeguard Coin Box, a pioneer in developing systems to protect the collections in pay-per-use equipment, offers a secure coin bag that, like the company's famous self-locking coin boxes, goes into and comes out of the machine closed and locked.

The coin bag is designed to fit into the relatively small spaces found in many contemporary coin-operated machines. It is sturdily constructed with a durable steel lid mechanism and durable nylon bag. It incorporates the well-known Safeguard dual locking system, and can be interchanged with the company's 20-gauge steel self-locking coin boxes when this is desirable to increase flexibility.

The self-locking coin bag and boxes are designed to free route drivers from the need to handle money. In use, the locked receptacles are opened by an authorized person in the counting room. Empty receptacles are issued to the driver for each of the machines scheduled for collection.

During the service, the driver unlocks and slides the full box out of its adapter, and its lid closes as it is withdrawn. Sliding the empty box into the adapter and locking it into place unlatches its lid, which is held open against a spring to receive coins. When the driver unlocks the full box from the adapter during the next scheduled service, the lid slides shut as it's withdrawn from the adapter; it can only be opened when it's returned to the money room.

Safeguard Coin Box was founded in 1959. Its self-locking coin receptacles have been adapted to most types of vending,  parking and transit and ticketing equipment all over the world.

 Safeguard Self-Locking Coin Bag

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