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Celsius Drinks Join Lavit Water Cooler Capsule Lineup

| by Emily Jed

BOCA RATON, FL -- Celsius Holdings Inc. announced an agreement with Lavit LLC, to offer its energy drinks in EcoCaps for use in Lavit's cold, still and sparkling water coolers in select office locations.
Under the terms of the agreement, Celsius will initially offer its orange flavor in recyclable, 100% aluminum EcoCaps designed to work specifically with Lavit's water coolers. The EcoCaps will use the same formula as Celsius' popular powder format.
Celsius' energy drink includes no artificial preservatives or flavors, aspartame or high fructose corn syrup and is clinically proven to accelerate metabolism, burn calories and body fat and provide "healthy" energy.
"Our relationship with Lavit further adds to our distribution network and represents a powerful way for us to increase brand awareness and exposure of our beverages, reaching a population of consumers in a new environment," commented Celsius president and chief executive John Fieldly. "With Lavit, we are able to offer our energy drinks conveniently to offices nationwide and meet the growing demand for alternative beverages in the workplace."
Lavit users craft their beverages by inserting an EcoCaps flavor capsules into a Lavit cooler and then adjusting flavor, intensity and carbonation level. All have zero preservatives and just 10 calories or less per 12-fl.oz. serving.
The Celsius Original line comes in nine sparkling and non-carbonated flavors in 12-fl.oz. cans and is also available in single-serve powder packets in four on-the-go, enjoyable flavors. The Celsius Stevia line is an extension of the original line offering naturally caffeinated and naturally sweetened and is available in five sparkling and non-sparkling flavors.
New to the portfolio is Celsius Heat, which offers an additional 100mg. caffeine than the Original and Stevia extension, for a total of 300mg. per can. It also contains 2,000mg. L-citrulline, a vasodilator. It's sold in 16-fl.oz. cans, is available in five carbonated flavors and was developed for those seeking a bolder version of the Original and Stevia line extension.

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