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Superior Locks Offers Mul-T-Lock Cylinders In Interactive And MT5 Cylinders

| by Emily Jed

Superior Locks now carries Mul-T-Lock Interactive+ and MT5+ Cylinders with the Yale Real Living Touchscreen deadbolt.

Mul-T-Lock Interactive+ Cylinders and Mul-T-Lock MT5+ Cylinders utilize a telescopic pin tumbler system and are pick and drill-resistant for high security needs. The high-security touchscreen deadbolts are available in Standalone, Z-Wave and August Connect.

One of the primary perks of the system is the multiple users that can be programmed into the tri-lingual durable acrylic touchpad system. This makes it ideal for small businesses that need to defend themselves against the possibility of burglary while granting access to a dozen employees.

A motorized tapered deadbolt that's propelled during both open and shut stages is another plus of Mul-T-Lock Interactive+ and MT5+Cylinders. Other strong metals used in construction include brass for the body and plug, steel for the tailpiece and nickel silver and stainless steel for the pins that are trademark parts of this type of lock.

The ease of installation and lack of maintenance makes MulT-Lock Interactive+ and MT5+ Cylinders some of the most popular high-security locks on the market. With a one-year lifespan from four AA-size batteries -- plus a "low battery" warning -- there's a minimal chance of a lapse in protection occurring, according to the company.

Superior Locks, which was founded in 1981 and remains family-owned and family-operated. Call

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