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National Gas Average Increases To Highest Price Since June AAA Reports

| by Emily Jed
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GARDEN CITY, NY -- The national average price of gas continues to increase, reaching an average of $2.37 a gallon, the most expensive average since June 2016, according to the Automobile Association of America.

On Jan. 16, gas prices had moved higher by 3¢ a gallon for the week and 17¢ a gallon for the month. Retail prices have increased for 40 of the past 42 days as a result of market reactions to the OPEC oil cut agreement, according to AAA.

Drivers in the southern region continue to pay some of the nation's cheapest prices at the pump, ranging from $2.14 to $2.17. South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana are all listed on the top 10 list of cheapest markets in the country this week.

States posting some of the nation's highest averages at the pump are Hawaii ($3.03), California ($2.81), Alaska ($2.74), Washington ($2.73) and Oregon ($2.55).

Retail averages steadily increased week-over-week in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, moving by a penny or more in most states. Pennsylvania ($2.65), Washington, DC, ($2.58) and New York ($2.54) remain the only states and districts with an average price above the $2.50-per-gallon benchmark.

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