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In A Coffee Loving City We Had A Good Cup Of Coffee

Got a coffee shop recommendation from a local person we met here in Melbourne. This city is renowned for its coffee culture. We've walked past what seems to be scores of small, interesting coffee shops. She suggested that we try Market Lane Coffee, her favorite. This was a convenient location close by on Collins Street in the CBD (central business district). A flat white was was her proposed menu selection.

Took a leisurely stroll on Collins Street while enjoying the window shopping. The Market Lane Coffee location was a narrow store with seating inside and out. The staff were engaging and very helpful. My inquiry about what to order was met with a reply "Try our Flat White." It was a really good cup of coffee.

By the way, according to Wikipedia, the flat white originated in a Sydney-based coffee shop in the 1980s.

Market Lane Coffee says it quite nicely on their carryout cups: "We love to make coffee for the city that loves to drink it." That is a great tagline for a coffee shop to state to its patrons. What is your message to the shoppers you serve?

Think carefully about how to position your business with your clients and the people who buy what you sell. Say it well, and deliver it well, and you might be able to sell more stuff.

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