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Englands Tubz Brands Secures Worldwide Vending Rights To Candy Crush Figurines Debuts Twin Tub

| by Emily Jed
SITTINGBOURNE, England -- British bulk vending franchisor Tubz Brands has secured international vending rights with King Ltd., the app-maker behind the world-famous Candy Crush games. The companies are launching the first Candy Crush figurines, together with candy, in a unique "twin tub" that vends through Tubz's bulk vending tower.

Each twin tub contains candy and, in a separate section, a Candy Crush novelty, such as a character key ring.  Simon Smith, Tubz's sales director, said he presented the twin tub concept to King in May 2016 and sold the Candy Crush maker on the concept. The two companies drew up a licensing agreement, and have been working to develop a range of products over the past year. 

"We're always trying to innovate and move things on, and there is no product like the twin tub. You can't normally put food and a novelty in one pot, but with our new design the two compartments are kept separate so it allows us to do just that," Smith said. "The thing that drew us to Candy Crush is the similarity between the game and our machines. In the game, you collect candies and our machines work in the same way, so it's a marriage made in heaven."

The Candy Crush twin tub will be available in the UK and Europe toward the end of 2017. Tubz and King plan to expand its distribution into Australia in the near future. In the UK, the launch has been postponed because of the introduction of the new £1 coin. The companies said they are waiting until the old coin is no longer in circulation, so that there will be no need to adapt new machines. (The older "round pound" will not circulate after Oct. 15.)

King released Candy Crush Saga, a free-to-play puzzle videogame on April 12, 2012. By the end of the 2013, the game had been downloaded over 500 million times.

Tubz said it will use the twin tub for other products beyond Candy Crush. The company has previously collaborated with Haribo and Nestlé, among other brands.

Tubz Brands has master franchises in Europe, Australia and Canada. Its head office is Sittingbourne (Kent), England, and it maintains additional offices in the Netherlands and China.

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