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Search Results:  bulk vending machines for sale (4)
  • Bulk Charity Vending Route for Sale

    7006 Coachwood Trail
    Chicagoland Area , IL  60477
    Contact Name: Gerry Kutsche
    Company: KnL Vending Inc.
    Phone: (708) 420-9763
    Healthy & Well-Established Bulk Charity Vending route for sale! The route is in the Chicagoland area, primarily encompassing the Northwest, Western and Southern suburbs of Chicago. This route has been established for over 30 years and consists of over 2,300 machines in approximately 2,000 locations (including some doubles, triples and a few racks). I can be reached via phone, 708-420-9763 or email,
  • Refrigerated Vending Machines

    Refrigerated Vending Machines

    3114 Freeman Ave
    Chattanooga , TN  37406
    Contact Name: Scott Steele
    Company: Compass Auctions
    Phone: (423) 702-6180
    Five Jofemar (for AVT) Model - V5 Refrigerated Combo Vending Machines. Machines are 2014 models with credit card processors. These are automated and 2 of them have display monitors. Machines are all currently branded at Healthy Vending by H.U.M.A.N. these would make a great addition to or great start to any vending business! 110-125 V / 50/60 Hz. Also have available parts assembly for the V5 machines and a coin counter. Also also available 6 head vending machines - great for candies by the handful!! Will be sold to best offer on July 30, 2019! Firm #5678
  • FOR SALE: 219+ Used Bulk Candy-Capsule Machines and Parts Inventory

    2224 Waycross Road
    Cincinnati , OH  45240
    Contact Name: Lynn Testa
    Phone: 727-600-3489

    219+ Bulk Candy & Capsule Coin Op Machines and parts inventory-used.

    Does not include locks or keys.

    For more information call 727-600-3489 or email



  • FOR SALE: 1-4 Column Card/Ticket Vendors from XCP Corp.

    Phone: (352) 678-3021