New Advertising Opportunities

VT has two new digital advertising opportunities that make solid business sense.

keyword specific

*Perma-Lock Banners - Interested? Click here

The banners are persistent, stay at the bottom of the page, and allow the reader to see the content on the page.

They are sold based on a category (vending, micromarkets or music & games-- for example), and include the searches within articles, and all articles tagged to that category.
Available (but not limited to) categories:

ATMs & Kiosks / Bulk Vending / Bulk Vending and Crane Products / Coffee Service / Columns / Editorials / Foodservice / Gadgets / Meetings & Events / Micromarkets / Music & Games / Names in the News / Press Releases / Small Business News / Vend Product News / Vending / Vending Podcasts / Vending Video

$1,050 per Month

Bundle Discounts:

3 months 5% / 6 months 10% / 12 months 15%

Ad Size:


*Keyword Specific Advertising / Targeting Marketing - Interested? Click here

We work out the keyword(s) you want, and your message will appear on any article on the site where that word is mentioned.  This is  targeted on the user and stays within their specific area of interest.

Every mention of your company name linked to your website.

Every mention of your product linking to your latest campaign.

Every mention of a key category showing your company name linked to you website.

Available keywords: 

Subject to publisher’s discretion. Call us.

$795 per month (word or phrase) 

Bundle Discounts:

3 months 5% / 6 months 10% / 12 months 15%

Ad Size: