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QubicaAMF Introduces Redemption System For Bowling Lanes

Posted On: 8/10/2009

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MECHANICSVILLE, VA -- Contemporary gamerooms with full-service redemption centers have become an integral part of the modernization of the bowling industry, which consists of some 12,000 facilities worldwide. In the U.S. alone, 70 million people bowl at least once year in one of the nation's 5,000 centers. With that in mind, QubicaAMF Worldwide has borrowed the amusement trade's most successful concept by introducing a redemption system that allows bowling centers to equip their lanes with ticket dispensers.

Called On-Lane Redemption, the system uses one ticket dispenser for a pair of lanes. The dispenser, the product's only hardware component, holds two ticket emitters that service both lanes simultaneously. It mounts to the floor in front of the ball return, where it's accessible to bowlers on both lanes.

On-Lane can integrate with QubicaAMF's bowling center management systems to create a customized redemption solution. Bowling centers can set preferences for ticket issuing, value and payout. Issuing can be linked according to customer type, lane-opening mode, time period or any bowling event managed by the company's Bowler Entertainment System. On the Conqueror Pro Management System, ticket emitters on lanes communicate the number of tickets issued to a player for the session bowled. Animations on overhead displays show tickets issued for a bowler per frame. Reporting functions show ticket volume and value issued by period, payout percentage versus revenue and revenue for bowling games with redemption by day or period.

On-Lane also works with QubicaAMF's Trouble Call System, which automatically alerts a center's mechanic and front desk operator when problems occur with a ticket dispenser. The troubleshooting system tracks service issues and creates reports about them.

"This is the only system on the market that allows centers to turn bowling lanes into redemption games," said Jay Buhl, QubicaAMF's sales vice-president for the Americas. "Onscreen animations add entertainment value to the game, encouraging customers to bowl more games and return to the center more frequently."

Buhl can be contacted by emailing jbuhl@qubicaamf.us or calling (804) 730-6675.

Based in Mechanicsville, VA, QubicaAMF Worldwide is among the world's largest manufacturers of bowling and amusement products. It was formed four years ago when Italy's Qubica Worldwide and the products division of AMF Bowling Centers Inc., the biggest operator of bowling centers, formed a joint venture.

The venture makes automatic pinspotters, High Performance Lanes, ball returns and furniture, among other products for bowling centers. It also offers Highway 66, a coin-op miniature bowling lane designed for off-premise locations.