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Crane Merchandising Systems Acquires Isochron Assets

Posted On: 12/3/2008

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ST. LOUIS -- Crane Merchandising Systems announced today that it has acquired the intellectual property of Isochron (Austin, TX). Isochron, founded in 2000, ceased operations on October 31.


Isochron was a pioneer in wireless solutions for vending, and developed technologies for remote monitoring and route optimization, cashless payment and touchscreen interfaces able to support advertising programs. In the past eight years the company has invested $30 million in research and development. It has been granted 10 patents, and another 18 applications are pending.


Isochron's hardware, server and route optimization software has been refined through many years of operation with large bottlers. This experience led to industry-leading capability in Bluetooth local-area networking technology, machine alert processing, cashless payment processing, dynamic dispatch and scheduling, space-to-sales optimization and interactive advertising with touchscreen displays, delivered from a Web-based server. The space-to-sales algorithms not only identify the changes to be made, but also include procedures, software and handheld functions that help the route driver make those changes in a simple plug-and-play fashion.


"Isochron's experience and technology will accelerate our strategic initiatives in bringing innovative solutions to our customers," said Brad Ellis, president of Crane Merchandising Systems. "Because of the openness of both Crane Streamware's and Isochron's technology, we will be able to quickly implement the key Isochron solutions."


Crane Merchandising Systems is composed of two solution-providing segments that enable seamless integration of equipment, vending management software and payment systems.

Crane Vending Solutions, whose brands include National Vendors, Dixie-Narco, Automatic Products, GPL and Stentorfield, is a leading machine manufacturer. Crane's Streamware business unit, which develops and markets management software, is part of the Vending Solutions segment.


Crane Payment Solutions is an alliance of Crane-owned companies CashCode, National Rejectors Inc. GmbH (NRI) and Telequip Corp. These businesses offer a wide range of innovative, reliable currency systems; all three are key suppliers to markets including global vending, gaming, retail and transportation.