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Innovation, Market Trends Favor Growth Of 'Total Refreshment' Workplace Service

Posted On: 2/25/2003

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U.S.A. - The term "total refreshment service" was coined to describe the expansion of coffee service, vending and pure water providers into one anothers' businesses. This evolution began to attract notice in the 1980s, and it has continued ever since. A service approach that increases the volume of purchases by an existing customer base while offering locations single-source administrative simplicity is obviously appealing.

Of course, some of the very first coffee service operators were vendors and bottled water distributors. The development of full-line vending in the 1960s, and the proliferation of allied products offered by OCS operators in the '70s, were fueled by the desire of customers for wider variety, and the advantage to operators of returning with more sales dollars from every scheduled stop.

In today's workplace market, some approach to total refreshment service is a necessary first step in planning to grow. The majority of new workplaces are small, presenting real challenges to the traditional vending service model. And they're staffed by consumers who are accustomed to a wide variety of choices and demanding availability of products around the clock. While very large operating companies may have divisions that can team up to deliver different services to a location, independent operators confront a growing need to offer multiple services within a straightforward route structure.

And they can find an extraordinarily broad range of tools for meeting this need. Operators attending the NAMA Spring Expo in Las Vegas will have the opportunity to view a wide spectrum of equipment designed specifically for simplified service in smaller sites, and products that address additional client needs.

Appart LLC, a subsidiary of Automatic Products international, ltd., will exhibit its imported countertop hot beverage equipment in Booth 315. The Appart line includes the fresh-brew "Bistrôs" series, the brand-new "X-line," and the "Lioness" gourmet soluble beverage dispenser featured in Nestlé's "Nescafé" office program.

AquaBrew manufactures an extensive line of coffee and tea brewing and dispensing equipment and accessories, including a brewer that draws water from a 3- or 5-gal. bottle inverted atop it. Aqua Brew will exhibit in Booth 1220.

Bloomfield Industries produces a wide range of commercial coffee brewers, and has just unveiled the "8372" model designed to accept spring water bottles. The company also produces high-volume dispensers for gourmet soluble hot beverages. Bloomfield is exhibiting in Booth 1038.

Cafection Enterprises will show its "Avalon" single-cup fresh-brew countertop hot beverage machines, including whole-bean models and versions accommodating soluble cappuccino mixes, and will describe a new refurbishing and upgrade program for "Avalon" operators, in Booth 1034.

Crane National Vendors, which manufactures a complete range of full-sized vending machines, also offers three small-site single-cup fresh-brew machines, the "Café 4," "Café 7," and "Café Executive." The National line will be on display in Booth 717.

Distributed Vending Co. will exhibit its "Multiplus" modular vending machines, the "Twin Win" glassfront snack and matching cold canned drink machines. New is a low-cost device allowing patrons to insert cash and add value to the smart cards used with the magazine-loading "Twin Win" machines. DVS is showing in Booth 909.

Food Concept Developers will show its latest countertop soluble product dispensers, designed to provide a stylish, mess-free method of offering portion-controlled bulk-packed sugar, creamer, soup, cereal, gourmet coffee-based beverages and other allied products. It will occupy Booth 910.

Newco Enterprises manufactures a wide variety of coffee and tea brewers, dispensers and accessories. Newco also is testing a countertop cartridge-loading candy and snack unit, the "Vista Vend." Newco is exhibiting in Booth 917.

Oasis Corp. will exhibit its water dispensers, including both bottled and point-of-use treatment models, in Booth 1011.

RPD Corp. plans to exhibit its compact, electronically-controlled glassfront candy/snack machines, cold can and can/bottle venders, and matching service bases for them, in Booth 142.

Saeco USA will show and demonstrate its countertop superautomatic espresso machines, the "DA5P," "DA7P" (in three models), and new "DA8P." All prepare espresso from whole beans using genuine 9-atmosphere pressure brewing. Saeco USA occupies Booth 939.

Savamco Manufacturing will exhibit its line of small-site venders as well as full-sized machines in Booth 838.

Seaga Manufacturing makes a variety of small-location snack, cold drink, and combination machines, in addition to 72-in. models. They'll be on view in Booth 1037.

Sunroc Corp. will exhibit its line of water dispensers for bottles and point-of-use treatment systems in Booth 905.

Vendors Exchange International imports "Brio" and "Colibri" countertop single-cup fresh-brew coffee venders manufactured in Italy by Necta (formerly Zanussi), as well as the novel computerized Progema "Venus" soluble-product machines for offices and higher-volume stops such as convenience stores. They'll be on display in Booths 530, 535 and 539.

Vertiflex Products manufactures a range of cabinet/stands to secure and organize products while supporting a coffee brewer or other small machine. Vertiflex has just introduced a line of condiment and cup lid racks. They'll be on display in Booth 1005.

Wilbur Curtis Co. will show its extensive line of hot beverage brewing and serving systems, including high-volume automated satellite brewers and high-tech office models, as well as high-volume soluble hot drink dispensers. Curtis is exhibiting in Booth 938.