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LAI Enhances Snapshot Photobooths With Social Media Integration

Posted On: 7/23/2011

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LAI Photobooth

DALLAS -- LAI Games has incorporated social media and email functionality into its Snapshot photobooth line. These additions permit Snapshot patrons to send their photos to a Facebook account or an email address, or to a dedicated Snapshot Facebook page. This last option enables customers to view and comment on one another's photos. The social media capability will be available in any location equipped with an 802.11 (WiFi) wireless local area network.

The customer interface now includes a touchscreen keyboard that can be used to type the Facebook account or e-mail address to which the patron wishes to send photos. The images are transmitted immediately. A customer who chooses the Facebook option can, on the next visit, accept or reject the offer of adding the pictures to the account's photo album.

Customers also may choose to upload their pictures to the Snapshot Wall, a dedicated Facebook page that showcases Snapshot images sent in by patrons around the world. LAI conducts a monthly photo contest; the winning submission is showcased on the site.

LAI's Snapshot is a small-footprint self-serve digital-imaging system with a small footprint (less than 2 square feet) designed for easy transportation in most vans and light trucks. It is fitted with a printer that turns out commercial-quality 4" x 6" photographs, which are customizable (e.g., messages and logos can be programmed to appear on each print). Media cost is less than 16¢ per print, according to the company.

Snapshot features a user-friendly touchscreen interface, offers photo customization, and supports coin and banknote validators and card-swipe terminals. LAI noted that the apparatus is easy to configure and maintain, allowing full automation with adjustable time and picture quantity settings. An array of party-rental settings is provided. An optional deluxe model adds diamond-plate flooring, a seating bar and a wraparound curtain for greater privacy.

LAI Games is a subsidiary of Leisure and Allied Industries, and has been a leader in the interactive entertainment industry for more than half a century.