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New Valley Panther Pool Tables Offer Design, Control Enhancements

Posted On: 8/10/2010

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GRAND PRAIRIE, TX -- New from Valley-Dynamo is the Panther series, which combines proven Valley design and styling with ultramodern construction refinements. The Valley Panther is a push-chute coin-operated table. Its stablemate, the Panther ZD-X, features electronic controls and banknote accommodation -- including the ability to accept league dues from players.

Both models are finished in Valley's famous Cheyenne leather laminate for a classic appearance that harks back to the best-selling Model 32 table. Both incorporate advances designed to optimize playability, increase longevity, streamline serviceability and reduce maintenance requirements.

A new five-bolt cushion rail offers up-to-the-minute fastener topology that does away with T-nut "dead spots" and provides a more secure connection to the top rail, thus offering livelier and more consistent bank shots. The new threaded cushion rail insert can be replaced without destroying the wooden rail, the manufacturer reports. And the rail cushions are formed of dual-density cushion rubber, guaranteed for life by the maker.

The flush-mount corner castings and pocket liners also augment playability by eliminating the need to elevate the cue, so shots are more easily and accurately made from the vicinity of the pockets.

The new Panther tables also benefit from Valley's Teflon Ultra cloth, formulated and woven to wear less, play faster, look better and last longer than traditional woolen cloth. And they continue to use the celebrated Aramith Cougar Head cueball, which is the same weight and size as the object balls. According to Valley, it is perfectly balanced, meeting Billiard Congress of America specifications.

A novel feature of the Panther ZD-X is its sophisticated payment and control system. Its MEI bill validator now accommodates $5, $10 and $20 notes, and a promotional option allows the operator to offer bonus points for the use of higher-denomination bills.

Among the expanded capabilities afforded by the new payment system is league dues collection. Up to 10 leagues with as many as 100 teams per league can be accommodated by each table. The accounting features clearly depict league dues separately from table income, while showing both team numbers and the amount paid by each.

Also new is a "time play only" option. The controller can be programmed to provide time play only in the morning and rack play at night, or time play only all the time. The CPU clock now is on a separate circuit with its own battery, so it need not be reset if the main battery becomes exhausted. A hidden reset button under the cashbox can clear lockups if they occur, often saving a service call.

An optional "sleep mode" can turn the table off after business hours to extend the time between battery recharges, and an easy status check feature speeds and simplifies verifying the current time, identifying the logic version, determining the battery voltage and reviewing the most recent update. Onboard accounting features make it easy to retrieve such valuable information as the number of free games awarded and the effect of promotional pricing on play.

The Panther tables use an 18-ampere battery from Interstate and new speed charger that restores a spent battery to full power in about 6.5 hours. A foolproof, quick-connect feature makes it impossible to install the battery incorrectly. Battery and charger are backed by manufacturer's warranties of one and five years, respectively.

The battery and charger assembly has been repositioned away from the bill validator, enhancing security when unit is recharging. A protect mode disables the bill validator under low-charge conditions, protecting the battery from permanent damage and displaying a message explaining that bills cannot be accepted because the battery needs recharging. A flashing message provides a week's warning before this shutdown occurs.

The Panther series is available in mahogany and Black Cat finishes and offered in three lengths: 88", 93" and 101". Go to for more specifications.