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New Bottle-Shaped RO Water Machine Grabs Attention

Posted On: 3/29/2011

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Blue Bottle Vending

PHOENIX -- A new company is rolling out a reverse osmosis water vender with an eye-catching, bottle-shaped design. It will make its debut at the upcoming NAMA OneShow in Chicago in late April.

The indoor/outdoor SW-1000 Sidewalk Kiosk from Blue Bottle Vending is positioned as a "green" alternative to prepackaged bottled water. It allows patrons to fill their own one-, three- or five-gallon container with purified water. An LED display guides them through the process. By selecting the rinse cycle, patrons have the option of cleaning and rinsing their containers before refilling them.

A solenoid-activated sliding metal shield inside the machine protects the vend nozzle. It replaces the clear plastic vend doors typical of water vending machines, which the manufacturer says are prone to cracking and fading.

The machine is plumbed into a waterline, and is equipped with a five-stage treatment system to deliver ultra-pure water. The purification process begins with two sediment filters, followed by a pair of carbon block filters that remove chlorine and other chemicals. In the final stage, the water is forced at high pressure through a reverse osmosis membrane to remove any remaining contaminants and impurities, including dissolved metals and other minerals as well as surviving traces of odor-producing chemicals.

The purified water is held in a storage tank; the wastewater is released through a drain. When a vend is initiated, the water flows from the reservoir through another carbon filter to remove any residual taste imported by the tank and sterilized with ultraviolet light before it is dispensed. Water typically vends for 15¢ to 35¢ per gallon; 25¢ per gallon and $1 for five gallons is the industry standard.

The machine stands 44" wide x 36" deep x 84" tall. Its fiberglass cabinet is inlaid with stainless steel, providing multiple layers of protection to protect collections and deter vandalism.

Blue Bottle was founded by vending operators Tim Wiese, brothers Russell and Dave Genet, and Roberto Reyes.