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  • Passive Income - Healthy Water Vending Stations

    Passive Income - Healthy Water Vending Stations

    Contact Name: Ryan Igbanol
    Company: Confidential - NDA Required
    Phone: (800) 387-7030
    Unique business is partnered with a well-established U.S. manufacturer of self-serve, bottle-less purification and filtration, high capacity water vending stations. They have just developed a "mini" version of their “Joint Venture Partnership" investment for people who are busy business owners, investors, or currently employed, but also want to have their own passive, cash flowing business (NOT a franchise). Your role is totally absentee and, as an investor, you receive 50% of the profits monthly from each water station. Consider it monthly “mailbox money” and your opportunity to fund an early retirement. The manufacturer does all the work including site selection, installation, monitoring, site management and even signing up advertisers to pay you ad revenue to air their commercials on each water station’s built-in HDTV screens. You are a 100% owner of each state-of-the-art water vending station. In addition, you will be able to monitor the income and volume of each water station from your computer or device through real-time software. And, as your profit-sharing partner, the manufacturer takes responsibility for the placement of the water stations, the ongoing maintenance as well as the cash, credit card and mobile payment collection. They then send you a check, wire or ACH payment for your portion of the profits at the end of each month. In short, the manufacturer handles ALL the operational aspects of the “JV Partnership", including sending 50% of the profits for each water station to you every month. And scalability is unlimited – you can add more units over time. MULTIPLE MARKETS AVAILABLE. Other Benefits Include: - Massive tax advantage: Because you own 100% of each water station, investor takes a tax deduction up to $1,000,000 resulting in reducing their actual cost for the equipment (Investor maintains full ownership of the equipment for the tax write-off) Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or financed during the tax year. That means that if you buy (or lease) a piece of qualifying equipment, you can deduct the full purchase price from your gross income - Multiple revenue streams – water sales and video advertising dollars - Each water station utilizes premises' own water, electricity and small footprint
  • Cold Beverage Vending Equipment For Sale

    St. Louis
    Contact Name: Brad Vanourney
    Company: Refresco Vending Inc.
    Vending Equipment For Sale **Truckload Pricing** Model Vendo 460 Vendo 821 Royal Merlin IV-768 Machines are Refurbished, with Coin Mech, no Graphics Cost Per Machine $300.00 FOB: St. Louis, MO As is, No Warranty Approx. 32 Machines per Truckload Contact: Brad Vanourney
  • Are You Looking for Combination Vending Machines for Snacks & Sodas? Go to!

    4225 Fleur Drive, Ste. 211
    Des Moines , IA  50321
    Contact Name: Lou or Jay
    Company: Vending Machine Sales
    Phone: (800) 313-1821


    Are You Looking for Combination Vending Machines for Snacks & Sodas? Go to!

    Vending Machine Sales has sold over a quarter-million vending machines since 1960. Whether you have small or large equipment needs, we have a wide range of sizes of must-haves that can fit any type location.

    Contact Lou or Jay today at: (888)401-8363 or (800) 313-1821 for the industry's lowest prices on vending machines.


  • AMS Outsider vending machine for sale: 2,795 or best offer!

    Arlington Centre Dr
    Columbus , Ohio  43220
    Phone: 614-323-3133
    AMS Outsider vending machine for sale.

    Wrapped in "beach" concept graphics to sell beach balls, floaty items, sunglasses, goggles, swim diapers, etc. Can be used as an automated "beach store" (as is) or as you like (by removing wrap).

    Machine is three years old. Equipped with ePort credit card reader. Original investment for package: $4,300. Selling price $2,795 or best offer.

    Call Jim at (614) 323-3133.

    SAMS Outsider Vending Machine

  • Media Star Promotions - Customized Wall Mounted Vending Machines

    Media Star Promotions - Customized Wall Mounted Vending Machines

    2800 Quarry Lake Drive
    Baltimore , MD  21209
    Contact Name: Nikki Natoli
    Phone: 410-825-8599

    Baltimore based event marketing and promotions company has 20 customized wall mounted vending machines to sell. These glass front machines were fully customized, designed by all known vending industry standards, and have a variety of possibilities with them. Machines come equipped with 30 total spirals (5 trays, 6 spirals, 4 products each), programmable 16pin parallel bill/coin validator that accepts currency, credit cards and coupon, and the optional cooling system feature. Pricing is negotiable for multiple machine requests (5+).

    Dimensions: 37.4" (H) x 26.8" (W) x 13.4" (D)
    Empty Weight: 198 lbs. net weight
    Voltage: 115V / 12Vdc / 24Vdc

    Cooling System Option:
    Designed and tested for temperatures between 46 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit, with an outside temperature of 41-86 degrees Fahrenheit; relative humidity up to 85%. This cooling system automatically stops when any magnetically-sealed doors are opened to prevent icing and minimize energy consumption. Product compartment is insulated with a fireproof 20-30mm Styrofoam and is 100% removable for recycling.
    *115-127 Vac Embraco EMU 60HSC compressor and 115-127 Vac vent. Temperature control via VMC.

    Machines come with:
    Operating manual, machine door keys, mounting metal frame, remote control

  • Advantage Vending - National 430 Cold Food

    6372 Enola
    Kalamazoo , Michigan  49048
    Contact Name: Gary Szekely
    Phone: 269-343-2322
  • American Vending Machines - Walk away with some BIG sales!

    American Vending Machines - Walk away with some BIG sales!

    Phone: 888-818-8363
    Why pay full retail when you can buy the same machine for much less? At AVM, we have all the best quality re-manufactured machines up to modern day standards of guaranteed delivery systems, dex, mdb, etc. All AVM re-manufactured machines are completely re-sanded, re-painted, with new fronts, new buttons, re-manufactured dollar bill validator and coin mechanism. Stop paying full retail and call AVM to save money! AVM also carries over 10,000 parts for most major vending machine brands.