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Impulse Industries: Breathe new life into cranes with hottest new product!

Phone: (800) 446-7857

IMPULSE's exclusive crane supplies, especially new inflatable balls, are wildly popular. Exclusive Alien Balls are now available in three varieties. New 6" inflatable Billiard Balls come in cases of 240 balls and 10 inflatable cue sticks, with attention-getting graphics. Patented 6" Stubbies are the newest: 14 different characters that stand up on their feet. 26¢ and 33¢ per piece. Assortments usually ship in cases of 250 pieces. Impulse Industries, with almost 25 years experience in manufacturing coin-op machines, is now a direct importer of toy products for cranes and bulk venders. Call (800) 446-7857 or email