The Making of an Industry - Book Only

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    Ray Ade, Jr. has over 35 years’ experience in the coffee service industry. He worked with his father to develop the first modern OCS program with Cory Corp. in 1964, pioneering the idea of placing a small restaurant brewer and selling kits of fraction-packed coffee for it, priced by the cup. In The Making of an Industry, Ade briefly describes the origin of this concept and Cory’s success in selling it to workplaces. Based on his long involvement in OCS sales and operations management, he details the steps needed to draft a sound business plan, choose products and equipment, develop a successful sales and marketing program, recruit and train personnel, deal professionally with competition, implement effective customer relations and equipment service policies, and analyze business performance with an eye to continual improvement. The book includes examples of forms, letters and other documents that have proven valuable in administration and sales. It emphasizes the need to maintain high standards of product quality and customer service.

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