Micromarket Loss Prevention Manual

  • Creating A Culture of Controls in the Brave New World of Micromarket Loss Prevention

    From 2012 to 2015 Mark Manney of Loss Prevention Results Inc. built a successful Loss Prevention program from the ground up in the micromarket trenches. His client had converted breakrooms and cafeterias in many high-risk, high-volume blue-collar/temp accounts in which other operators feared to tread.

    Manney spent three decades in retail loss prevention, dealing with the 1 out of 11 Americans who shoplift regularly, before entering the vending and foodservice industry in 2002. That expertise was invaluable in crafting a step- by-step guide in reducing micromarket theft to the lowest level possible and keeping it there.

    The 50-plus pages and 15 chapters of the manual are divided into four major sections:

    1. Management training, education and in-depth awareness: Manney explains exactly who the American micromarket shoplifters are and the who what, where, when, why and how they will steal your profits while gnawing on the hand that feeds them. He also details the psychology behind why they steal and the exact 13 theft methods he observed from video surveillance and going undercover on all three shifts in dozens of industrial 24/7 micromarkets.

    2. Theft Deterrence Marketing (TDM): Manney explains in detail, with exact examples, the practical and the tactical approaches of how traditional retail has adapted and honed TDM over the decades to deter shoplifting. He explains how to market theft deterrence to your customers, while adapting specific tactics to please individual customer cultures and contacts and how he did it successfully in every type of business. There are some proven approaches unique to Manney’s program that will make the ROI of this manual a tremendous residual bottom line net profit success.

    3. High Volume/High Risk Blue Collar & Temp Accounts: Actual case studies prove how to tame the high-risk/high-reward beast. Also included are the exact tactics Manney tested and expanded to allow his client to continue to grow in the toughest and potentially most profitable accounts.

    4.  Micromarket Loss Prevention Action Plan: Pulling it all together, Manney lays out the exact 9 steps, with detailed real-world examples he used successfully, to take to customize and build a micromarket loss-prevention program that will help you significantly increase your profits.

    This proven manual will pay for itself in one month in one account, according to Mark Manney! All who purchase it are invited to call or e-mail him with any questions.

    Mark Manney: mmanneylpr@gmail.com; (919) 812-3602

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