Food Service Loss Prevention

  • Food Service Loss Prevention: The Five Common Denominators

    After over a three decades career managing the Loss Prevention Cost of Goods (COGs) control and reduction over hundreds of Snack Bars in big box retail for a regional and national company, Manney spent three years building a tremendously successful Loss Prevention program for a large Vending company in over 30 of their Industrial Cafeterias by his home.

    Then through word of mouth, Manney was hired by one vending company after another to bring his program to their operations. The method he used was to create a management and supervisor "Loss Prevention Manual." A reference guide to help management understand all the common forms of loss and theft, exactly how they can be identified but more importantly how they can be stopped cold. How to reduce the COGS to the lowest level possible.

    Manney stated: “There is no silver bullet to reducing a Food Service operation’s COGs to the lowest level possible month after quarter after year but there really are silver chambers and they are detailed in my manual. That is a fact that is well known throughout my client base. I didn’t create the programs in my manual that have proven so successful in hundreds of locations, I just organized what has been proven to work, what is Operational and Loss Prevention bottom-line, net profit, Common Sense.  

    The Five Food Service Common Denominators & Supporting Programs

    1.    The Registers
    2.    The Cash Chain of Custody
    3.    Product Physical Security
    4.    Key Control
    5.    Direct Delivery Supplier Check in Procedures

    Additional Program Components

    6.    Security Guards, Maintenance and Cleaning Crews
    7.    New Hire Orientation Programs
    8.    Why a Worry Book
    9.    Cashier/Register Average Sale Log
    10.   Product Physical Security Self Audit
    11.   Special Investigative Bulletins (SIBs)
    12.   Cafeteria Vending Attendants
    13.   Register Cash Handling Procedures
    14.   Tamper Evident Bags
    15.   Conclusion

    Manney stated: “This proven manual and approach will lower the COGs and keep them there.” All who purchase it are invited to call or e-mail him with any questions.
    Mark Manney:; (919) 812-3602

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