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   Vol. 59, No. 1, January/February/March 2019

According to Hickey - Episode 1
John Hickey has been exposed to the ups and downs of business management, climbing the career ladder and starting multiple businesses. In this podcast, John shares tools that helped him manage better, achieve success and handle bad situations.

We will touch on subjects in business, technology, sports and family life. If you are running your own business or managing a team for an organization, this podcast will hit home for you. Gain practical methods for improving work life balance while achieving
According to Hickey - Episode 2
This episode is a discussion on some of the very cool innovations from the 2019 NRF (National Retail Federation) Show.  John discusses how Alibaba stole the show from the big brands on the main floor, how generic versions of AmazonGo stores will have a hard time deploying, due to operations, not technology and how some of the not so big companies fair in their booths at these giant trade shows.
According to Hickey - Episode 3
John discusses how an attempt to take a day with an empty calendar backfired.  He applies some of the teachings from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People course by Stephen Covey and the book Getting Things Done by David Allen to create a plan for a productive work week.  These concepts, adjusted for our own style can relieve stress and anxiety at work, with children getting ready for school, recovering addicts, health improvement and weight loss. 
According to Hickey - Episode 4
We underestimate how much personal information everyone is exposed to throughout the workday and how that affects everyone's mood and focus throughout the day.  We discuss self awareness, emotional intelligence, exercising empathy and using focus to achieve greater empathy.