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WHAT'S NEW IN BULK VENDING? October Product Review

Posted On: 10/27/2008

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Allstar Vending leverages Hispanic TV sensation "Lola" in new tat series for girls while A&A Global Industries highlights extraterrestrial toy mix. Top Notch Toys/CEI rolls out its first vendible tattoo line making use of licensed Mexican Fútbol League content. VenDynamics offers a temporary skin art mix for females that offers a scope of tattoo sizes to broaden its appeal.



Allstar Tat Series Highlights Trendy Telenovela Character

POINTE CLAIRE, QC, Canada -- Allstar Vending has been awarded rights to distribute merchandise based on "Lola... Érase una vez" (Lola... Once Upon A Time), a Mexican soap opera for young females. It now has a tattoo series available, and said a sticker series will be released soon.

The show is the story of a "modern-day Cinderella," and airs on Televisa in Mexico and Univision in the U.S. Lola often is compared to tween TV-and-music sensation Hannah Montana, and appeals to girls' love of pop music, magic, romance and fashionable role models.

Also for this demographic, the company has unveiled the Tween Tattoo Mix. The skin-art assortment features characters from both Hannah Montana and High School Musical, with 15 designs to collect. A double-sided display is available to keep merchandising fresh.

Mixes based on the Disney film "Cars," Disney Fairies and "Bakugan Battle Brawlers," an anime series on cable's Cartoon Network, round out the company's new tattoo selections, each of which can vend for 50¢.

The "Cars" line depicts the computer-animated film's main characters, such as Lightning McQueen the racecar and Mater the tow truck. The Bakugan tat line will be propelled by the franchise's other outlets, notably a card-and-marble game based on the property. Both will most appeal to boys aged seven to 11. The Disney Fairies tats feature glitter accents, and highlight well-known sprites such as Tinker Bell, Fawn and Rosetta; the line is ideal for young girls.

Allstar also began shipping new 1-in. capsule mixes this month. The first offers miniature prismatic tattoos based on Disney's "Cars," with 12 designs in all. Two novelty jewelry assortments -- Rainbow Bracelets and Groovy Fashion Rings #2 -- offer colorful blends of eye-catching accessories that encourage repeat vends. The company suggests a 25¢ vend price for these capsuled selections.

Allstar Vending can be reached at tel. (800) 685-7066, and maintains a website at



TNT Rolls Out New Tattoos

MCKINNEY, TX -- Top Notch Toys/CEI has rolled out its first bulk vendible line making use of licensed Mexican Fútbol League content (see VT, July). The tattoo series features 15 designs based on the league's most popular soccer teams -- Chivas, Club America, Cruz Azul and Pumas.

The temporary tats showcase team logos and mascots. The company is offering a unique, four-side preprinted display that themes each side to one team, allowing operators to easily keep displays fresh.

TNT reports it will soon debut stickers that employ the MFL license, followed by a series of miniature logoed mugs in capsules and other toys.

With more than 44 million Hispanic consumers in the U.S. (representing 15% of the population), there is a need for quality merchandise that appeals to this dynamic demographic, the company said.

Also unveiled were two other tat lines -- Sweet Feelings, a 10-design mix featuring heart, flower and banner-style art paired with sentimental phrases; and Tattoo Shop, with 12 selections designed by well-known artists, some of which contain multiple tats per sheet. Either can vend for 50¢ or 75¢, officials report.

TNT's flat vendibles can be viewed at; details also may be had at tel. (800) 572-2501.



VenDynamics Introduces Two Tat Lines, Hispanic Stickers

SAN JOSE, CA -- VenDynamics has rolled out a temporary skin art mix for females that offers a scope of tattoo sizes to broaden its appeal. Girls Body Tattoos combines ankle, lower-back and traditional compositions, some large in size and others printed two designs per sheet. There are 10 selections in all, depicting subjects from butterflies and roses to hearts and dolphins.

The company also released Fired Up Tattoos for the male demographic. Dragons, flaming dice and other hardy imagery give the line a tough edge, officials said, and the vibrant coloring and detailed artwork will command attention.

"We used some stone-cold tattoo parlor style when creating Fired Up Tattoos," observed VenDynamics president Carl Morcate. "And we didn't sacrifice on the detailing or quality of each individual piece."

Made In Mexico stickers round out VenDynamics' new offerings. The line appeals to Hispanic patrons, and boasts a "Mexican Pride" theme. Some designs parody familiar catchphrases, such as "G.I. Jose" and "Built Frijolero Tough."

All three lines are packed in the company's FlatGames folders, which add games and puzzles to the packaging to increase perceived value. For more information, call (877) 812-2116 or visit



A&A Global Adds Alien Toys

COCKEYSVILLE, MD -- An extraterrestrial mix highlights this month's selections from A&A Global Industries. Packed in 1-in. capsules and for a 25¢ vend price, Glo-In-The-Dark Aliens extends the popular Mini Alien line. There are six figurines to collect, and a double-sided display is available.

The company also extended its Adopt-A-Puppy line with PuppyPalz, a new 2-in. capsule collection. Officials said that the new figurines are larger than the original versions, and that there are 10 designs in all. The suggested vend price is 75¢.

Another mix is being offered that includes 40% PuppyPalz and 60% Adopt-A-Puppy figurines, which can vend for 50¢. Blister-pack displays are available for both options.

Information may be had by calling (800) 638-6000.



BRAND VENDING PRODUCTS reports strong pre-order sales of its new Sea Angels and Jurassic Dinosaurs figurine lines for 2-in. capsules. Both are designed to meet the 75¢ price point, for which the company has seen increased demand. Many operators are considering the incrimental profits afforded by upgrading 50¢ venders to sell 75¢ merchandise, officials said, but require appropriate product to make the transition. Brand Vending reports that it plans to support this price point with line extensions in the future.