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WHAT'S NEW IN BULK? September Product Review

Posted On: 9/17/2008

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Allstar's Madagascar stickers coinciding with blockbuster sequel, A&A's high-end tat designs, Brand's collectible figurines and deals from Cardinal spur back-to-school excitement in the bulk vending channel...



Madagascar-Sequel Stickers Highlight Allstar's September Rollout

POINTE CLAIRE, QC, Canada -- Allstar Vending has introduced a large-format sticker line in anticipation of a fall film release, and other flat vendibles based on proven licensed properties.

A line of 12 die-cut, prismatic stickers featuring the cast of "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa," the sequel to DreamWorks Animation's 2005 computer-animated movie, highlights the company's new selections. Main characters shown include Alex the lion, whose voice was provided by Ben Stiller, and Marty the Zebra, portrayed by comedian Chris Rock.

The stickers will appeal to girls and boys alike, officials said, and some adults as well. They measure 3 ins. to 4 ins. high and can vend at 50¢ or 75¢. Double-sided displays are available. The movie will be in theaters November 7.

The company also unveiled new Pokémon stickers and tattoos, which draw from the longstanding media franchise's large base of characters that first appeared in a videogame before inspiring a card-collecting trend, TV show and merchandising craze. The sticker line has 12 die-cut, prismatic designs, while 10 tattoos round out the skin-art selections. This product especially appeals to patrons younger than 12, the company said, and can vend for 50¢.

A unique flat vendible, Disney Princess Dress-Up Stickers, rounds out the new offerings. The "stickers" are actually re-adherable static clings made of a soft polymer, so patrons can "stick" outfits and accessories on the characters and unstick them when a change is desired. Each card features a well-known princess such as Snow White or Cinderella, and includes a host of accessories with which to adorn her. A 50¢ price is suggested.

For more information, contact Allstar Vending at (800) 685-7066, or visit


A&A Global Picks Up Pop-Culture Art Lines For Temporary Tats

COCKEYSVILLE, MD -- A&A Global reports that it has made agreements to distribute temporary tattoo lines based on two well-known art brands: Tattoo Johnny and Fifth Sun. The first is a highly regarded distributor of reprinted "tattoo flash" -- designs drawn on paper or cardboard that are displayed in tattoo parlors to give customers ideas; the second is a graphic design and distribution company best known for its license-based and private-label apparel.

A&A first is rolling out a lower-back tattoo mix for females, based on Tattoo Johnny's extensive art catalog of more than 50,000 designs. "We've got the ability to constantly add lines based on trends, too," pointed out A&A sales manager Ben Graham, who explained the company's intent to issue frequent Tattoo Johnny updates and provide operators merchandising continuity.

The bulk-vend supplier will also debut Aztlán Originals, which takes advantage of Fifth Sun's position as a leading creator of Hispanic-themed apparel. The first set of 12 detailed designs is ideal for teens and young adults, officials said.

"We pride ourselves on acquiring the rights to popular properties vending machine customers want and expect," A&A Global president Phil Brilliant summed up. "Our addition of Tattoo Johnny and Fifth Sun products demonstrates a commitment that will open up choices, at the machine level, to a whole new set of demographics."

Double-sided displays are available for both mixes. Details may be had by calling (800) 638-6000;


Brand Adds Figurine Lines That Bring 75¢ And $1 Vends

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- Two capsuled figurine lines for 2-in. venders have extended Brand Vending's catalog. Both can vend for 75¢ or $1, and benefit from collectible themes.

Jurassic Tracks showcases an assortment of detailed, molded plastic dinosaurs that have hinged joints, allowing them to be posed. There are 28 hand-painted prehistorics in all, officials said, adding that the variety will likely encourage repeat vends.

Also new is Sea Angels, a mix of cartoonish mermaid figurines that will most appeal to girls. The colorful sea ladies have large eyes and lips and are molded in a variety of poses, with 12 different designs in all. Brand noted that there is a limited supply of this line, and it is available only in the West Coast warehouse.

Details can be had at (800) 967-3048 or


Cardinal Discounts Six Lines With End-Of-Summer Sale

BALTIMORE -- Cardinal Distributing recently announced that it is having an end-of-summer sale, offering a discounted price on six 2-in. capsuled toy lines that are ideal for 50¢ venders. Each 250-count case of product is $26.50.

Among mixes being offered is Spy Ear, an assortment detective-themed novelties such as miniature handcuffs and flashlights, and Acrylic Rings, a colorful toy jewelry mix. The others are Fun Stuff, featuring trinkets like jellyfish yo-yos and tile-game keychains; a novelty jewelry line called Metal Gear that includes pendant necklaces and chains; Party Jewels, a line of toy Mardi Gras bead necklaces in multiple styles; and Don't Clown Around, a humorous blend of whoopee cushions, puzzle cubes and other toys.

The offer is good while supplies last, officials said. Cardinal can be reached at (800) 368-2062.