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Wedges/Ledges Says Its 1-Shot Is World's Smallest Skill Crane

Posted On: 11/8/2012

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New coin machine is nice fit for bulk operations

Wedges-Ledges, 1 Shot

Sometimes big ideas come in small packages. The innovative coin-op company Wedges/Ledges has taken the wraps off its new compact skill crane, 1 Shot. This diminutive piece boasts an impressively small footprint, measuring only 12" x 12" x 52" and weighing less than 100 lbs.

"It's a great game for locations that are square-foot-conscious, like convenience stores, mom-and-pop markets, mall stores, truck stops and gas stations," said the manufacturer's Stuart Renner.

He pointed out that the 1 Shot is particularly well-suited to bulk vending operators and their locations. The unit is readily accommodated by the type of route vehicle many bulk operators employ, and is an easy one-person install.

"The 1 Shot easily fits in the back of a minivan," he said. "I recently put three of them in the back of my Jeep Cherokee."

The gameplay is intuitive, familiar fare for experienced players and easy to grasp by newcomers to skill cranes. Using buttons and a joystick, the player maneuvers a ball with extensible arms -- the company calls this a "gauge" -- into a cup. If all three of the gauge's adjustable arms clear the rim of the cup, then the customer wins a prize or tickets. A switch inside the cup detects and actuates the win.

Designed to dispense high-end products, the unit can hold as many as 10 digital music players or similar items inside its 4" x 2" x 1.5" prize dispenser. In tests, prizes required replenishment on average every month or two, a schedule Renner noted is more in line with the typical bulk operator's service periods, compared with the demands of large crane operators who might make multiple visits a week for some locations.

1 Shot Insides

PHOTO: AT left, 1-Shot playfield is stocked with tickets. Small crane uses ball with extensible arms called a gauge, and cup for its play and win mechanism (pictured at right).

The 1 Shot's cabinet is formed of 3/4" pressboard with scratch-resistant dark oak woodgrain veneer. The playfield is illuminated by a 50W. quartz halogen lamp that highlights the prizes.

Wedges/Ledges of California Inc. is based at 531 North Francisca Ave., Redondo Beach, CA 90277; tel. (310) 374-9982;