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Web Glow Vender With Online Prize Redemption Wins IAAPA Kudos

Posted On: 12/11/2009

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On display at this year's International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions trade show in Las Vegas was the new Web Glow Machine, a bulk vender with bill validator and flatscreen display that allows customers to win points with every purchase and accumulate them for attractive prizes. Exhibited by Glow Machine Ltd. (Scottsdale, AZ), the novel vender was honored as Best New Product -- Coin Operated Arcade and Redemption Equipment by the organizers of IAAPA.

The new model builds on the appeal of the original Glow Machine, introduced in 2006. It sold a variety of luminous and flashing novelty items, merchandised by means of an eye-catching array of 150 light-emitting diodes.

The Web Glow Machine incorporates a Pyramid bill validator that allows the sale of $2 merchandise. It is fitted with a 15" LCD flat-panel monitor that displays images of the prizes available for redemption with the points necessary for each purchase -- such things as iPods and games including Nintendo's Wii and Sony's PlayStation.

Every item dispensed by the new machine is accompanied by a redemption certificate. The purchaser sets up an account at, then enters a unique code imprinted on each subsequent certificate to record points earned. This customer information is updated on each log-in, and the resulting database gives the machine operator valuable marketing information. It can be mined through the operator's merchant account, accessible anywhere that an Internet connection is available.

The new model features heavy cold-rolled steel construction and three-lock security. It measures 16" wide x 42" deep x 49" high (a footprint smaller than 4 sq.ft.), and is mounted on casters for easy placement and relocation. The distinctive cabinet lights now include 32 bright white LEDs around the bright chrome bezel, in addition to a new implementation of the earlier machine's array - "believe it or not, more flashing LEDs than the original Glow Machine," the company reports. Different attract modes are available, including full on, twinkling, and rotating (left to right, or right to left).

The video prize display can be updated with new software, and premiums will be added to conform to popular trends. Like its predecessor, the new machine runs on standard 110V. current; it is fitted with an improved power supply and a variety of other enhancements. The delivery system is driven by U.S.-made motors.

The machine is available exclusively through Big Bear Import Brokers Ltd. Information is available by calling (888) 219-8500.