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Videx CyberKey Vault Enhances Key Control

Posted On: 5/10/2010

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Videx CyberKey Vault

CORVALLIS, OR -- Videx has introduced two "smart" key cabinets, the CyberKey Vault (for a single key) and CyberKey Vault20 (holding as many as 20). Both add two levels of security to the physical protection afforded by traditional cabinets.

Built with rugged metal housings, the cabinets not only control entry, but also offer secure access to individually programmed keys, as well as an audit report sent to management detailing each key's lock openings and flagging any unauthorized attempts at entry.

CyberKeys are stored in the cabinets without programmed permissions to open locks. When an employee needs a key, an RFID access-control card or correct personal identification number must be entered to open the cabinet, and entered again to request that a key be programmed and released. When the requested key is released, it contains the access permissions needed to do the scheduled job: which locks can be opened, and when opening them is permitted.

At day's end, when the employee returns his or her electronic key to the cabinet, an audit trail of all key and lock activity is uploaded to the management program. After the cabinet reports back to the host computer, the key's programming is cleared automatically. It remains in this unprogrammed state until another authorized employee presents the required authentication.

The CyberKey Vault uses inexpensive RFID cards to access the cabinet and the electronic keys inside. The keys can be shared by any number of employees. Sharing keys and dispensing them automatically is an efficient, cost-saving way to manage a company's resources while maximizing security.

In addition, a ring of mechanical keys can be attached to a CyberKey for safekeeping in the cabinets. A CyberKey docked in the cabinet cannot be forcibly removed without destroying the key.

CyberKey Vaults communicate with CyberLock access management software, and can be installed in any location that has a network connection. Thus, a key can be quickly updated with an employee's access permissions. A single host system can manage multiple key cabinets.

The CyberKey Vaults were displayed at the International Security Conference (ISC West) in Las Vegas at the end of March and the NAMA OneShow in late April. The Security Industry Association, which sponsors the show, honored Videx with the "Best New Access Control Product" and "Judges' Choice" awards. They were accepted by Videx president Paul Davis. The CyberKey cabinets are the newest addition to an extended family of CyberLock products. Videx is headquartered at 1105 NE Circle Blvd., Corvallis, OR 97330, tel. (541) 758-0521, fax (541) 752-5285.