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VenDynamics' New FlatGames Packaging Increases Perceived Value Of Vended Goods

Posted On: 10/9/2006

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SAN JOSE, CA -- Latest in VenDynamics offerings is FlatGames, an innovative folder format for stickers, tattoos and other flat vend products. Constructed of the same 20-point chipboard material used for traditional flat product folders, FlatGames have colorful games and activities printed on them that add value to each vend.

With this latest product, VenDynamics hopes to enhance the delivery of flat-vended products and offer operators a tool to stand out from the competition.

FlatGames are fabricated with reusable die-cut, pop-out components. Folders developed so far include Football Flick and other sports-themed games, mazes, crosswords and ring toss.

The new concept encourages patrons to keep the FlatGames packaging material, which benefits locations that have problems with discarded folders and other waste around flat and bulk vending installations. VenDynamics said this could be a key selling point for operators.

"FlatGames are sure to help prevent complaints of folders littered around machines," explained VenDynamics' Carl Morcate, "They are intended to change the way vended product is viewed. Instead of receiving a useless piece of cardboard along with their sticker or tattoo, customers will now find use in the packaging itself, adding value to the vend and in some instances making it the target of the purchase."

Turning product packaging into a value-added part of the vended item is not new for VenDynamics. Its NFL Cards were introduced last year in clear plastic sleeves rather than standard cardboard folders, and the plastic sleeve became a major selling point of the vendible product line.

The company said it developed FlatGames after realizing the success of its NFL Cards vended in these the distinctive sleeves. "We tested the NFL Cards in regular folders as well as plastic sleeves, and there was no comparison," reported VenDynamics' John Nashed. "The plastic-sleeved items far outsold the others."

Soon, the company offered other vendible trading card lines inserted in clear plastic collectible cases, including licensed NHL, MLB and NASCAR sports cards, along with cards based on Family Guy, Wacky Packages and Yu-Gi-Oh properties.

Strong sales results during the testing of NFL Cards in the special sleeves, Nashed added, suggest that the packaging of a flat vending product can enhance its perceived value enough to support a vend price above the conventional 50¢.

The product is expected to be in high demand in such locations as pizza parlors and family restaurants, where the games can provide entertainment for children while they wait for food, VenDynamics said. Bowling alleys, skating rinks and laundromats are also prime space for FlatGames, though the company expects intrigue from the packaging to aid sales in any location.

VenDynamics is the only in-house manufacturer of printed goods for the bulk vending industry. More information on FlatGames can be had by calling (877) 812-2116 or visiting vendynamics.com.