Venco Hails Industry Response To OptConnect Wireless Internet Gear

Posted On: 1/23/2017

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BLAND, VA -- Venco Business Solutions reports that it has carved out a gratifying niche for itself by simplifying operator access to economical wireless connections. Venco is a reseller of wireless modems and service developed by OptConnect (Kaysville, UT) for coin-op amusement devices, ATMs and vending machines. The company says that the OptConnect solutions have become favorites with operators across the country.

The flagship product, OptConnect's 4500 modem, allows operators to connect multiple devices through a 4G wireless service with a generous data cap of 2GB a month. An operator can install the box in a typical tavern location, and communicate with an ATM, jukebox and dartboard, among other devices, over the high-speed connection. A less expensive modem, the OptConnect 3250, is designed to provide a wireless connection for a single ATM.

The service, which costs less than $30 a month, is contract-free with no equipment charge, leaving the operator the choice of opting out at any time. This is a welcome feature for operators who have seen locations close, or lost a stop to a competitor.

"An operator doesn't have to buy hardware or sign a contract," said Venco's John Newberry. "There's minimal risk. So if he loses that location, he just cancels at the end of the month. And if the technology changes, we'll send him a new box."

Venco's OptConnect package includes 24/7 technical support. The company will "overnight" the operator a new box if there is a hardware problem. OptConnect reportedly has some 100,000 installed units nationwide. The greatest benefit to operators may be the availability of a dedicated line for coin-op amusements and other devices.

"What we do is free the operator from the location's Internet connection. So the operator isn't dependent on the location connection to be up and running," Newberry explained. "A location's connection might not be as secure as it could be, and they're supporting every other device in the place." In many instances this includes the location's customer "amenity Wi-Fi," as well as neighbors piggybacking on the line. And the location's Internet connection may go down or fall victim to tampering without the operator's knowledge.

The OptConnect network may be superior in a number of other ways. "It's a secure, managed network," Newberry explained. "And it's monitored around the clock. We haven't had any complaints."

In an increasingly wireless world, there are more connectivity choices than ever. Venco and OptConnect offer amusement, ATM and vending operators a low-cost solution designed for their specific needs.

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ONLINE: Venco's John Newberry and Cheryl Baker show off an automated teller machine equipped with OptConnect 4500 wireless modem during IAAPA Attractions ExpO in Orlando, FL. The economical 4G modem and no-contract service liberate operators from reliance on sharing location Internet connections.