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U-Select-It Expands Alpine Food Machine Lineup With Elevator And Combi Models

Posted On: 1/19/2012

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DES MOINES, IA -- U-Select-It has introduced an elevator version in its Alpine line of temperature-controlled vending machines. Also new in the series is a combination refrigerated and frozen product vender offering high capacity in a cabinet that fits through a 32" doorway.

USI_Alpine Elevator

The Alpine 5000 Elevator machine is offered in single and variable temperature styles, and is available with a wide variety of optional features. It's fitted with an elevator delivery system for gentle delivery of shock-sensitive items, from packaged foods to carbonated beverages.

Engineered for energy economy, the Alpine 5000 Elevator features LED illumination and an argon-filled triple-pane product display front made of low-thermal-emissivity glass. Its thick foam insulation is produced by a process, "Ecomate," with zero ozone depletion potential gas. Balanced airflow provides optimal product chilling efficiency; according to USI, the machine has been proven in an environment with 100°F. (38°C.) ambient temperature and 90% relative humidity.

The new machine also is engineered to help operators meet the revised requirements for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act that will take effect on March 15, 2012; the illuminated product delivery box, keypad and payment system entry are positioned at appropriate heights. The Alpine 5000 Elevator vender comes with a standard illuminated keypad with Braille identification, and can support a "talker" device for sight-impaired customers and service personnel.

The Alpine 5000 Elevator is fitted with a fully integrated controller offering sales and accounting features, as well as extensive programmability. Prices may be set by selection, row or machine, and "combo" and free vend settings are available. The controller also offers flexible space-to-selection setting, and is fully MDB compatible for industry-standard peripheral devices including cash, coin, debit and credit systems. Coupon and token values are programmable, as are point-of-sale messages. Coin and bill rejection rate counts can be recorded and retrieved, and accountability display is available by selection, row or machine.

Other capabilities include time-of-day modes, including discounting and shutdown to control vending access when necessary and economize on energy consumption. Health/safety control settings may be programmed by selection, range or row, and the controller supports motor pairing to accommodate large products. USI's iVend sensor system for assured delivery also is standard.

The machine accommodates USI's optional steel beverage trays, which can hold up to 60 packaged beverages, offering 10 selections for narrow and nine for wide products. As an alternative, operators can install USI's patented high-capacity can tray, which offers live product display and can hold up to 150 12-fl.oz. cans.


The Alpine 5000 Elevator machine can be fitted with an optional iCart touchscreen interface, a 7"-diagonal flat panel display that replaces the physical keypad with one integrated into the screen; it communicates such purchase information to the patron as nutritional data when used in conjunction with the optional inDEX tool. InDEX is software available from USI that allows the operator to create a product database and use it to transfer individual item information, price settings and entire planograms to the machine by plugging in a portable computer or USB flash memory device.

The vender is available in a variety of colors, including the popular silver and black Advanced Ergonomic styling. It can be ordered for domestic and overseas use, with 115VAC 60Hz. power supply drawing 10 amperes, or 230VAC 50Hz. supply that draws 5A. Current drain increases to 11A. at 115V. or 5.5A. at 230V. with optional heated glass. The Alpine 5000 Elevator is supplied with a 1/3-HP closed refrigeration system that works with R134a refrigerant gas.

The machine measures 72" high x 41" wide x 38" deep (183 x 104 x 97 cm.), and weighs 975 lbs. (442kg.); the weight varies with tray configuration.

A smaller stablemate, the Alpine Combi 3000, also has rolled out. Geared to the demands of smaller workplaces, the machine measures 72" high x 29.5" wide x 38" deep (183 x 75 x 38 cm.), but it can hold a standard 320 items , and up to 540 if appropriately configured. Refrigerated products are dispensed from the upper shelves and frozen items from the lower ones, separated by a horizontal airflow barrier that maintains the top compartment at 36°F (2.2°C.) and the bottom one at -15°F (-26.1°C.).

The Alpine Combi 3000's control electronics and options are much the same as the larger Alpine 5000 Elevator's, including the availability of the iCart touchscreen interface and support for inDEX remote machine programming. It also is available for domestic or international use, and is offered with a choice of 115VAC, 60Hz. power supply consuming 13 amperes or 230VAC, 50Hz. power drawing 6.5A. The Alpine Combi 3000 is fitted with a 5/8HP refrigeration system using R40a refrigerant gas.

USI_Alpine Outdoor Vender

The Alpine line now has eight models, including an indoor and outdoor version and a satellite dispensing unit.


PHOTO: Alpine outdoor vender features impact-resistant Lexan window cover, rain guards and anti-pry covers to manage bad weather, vandals and thieves.