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Unis Debuts Funfair Bash Ball-Toss Ticket Redemption Game For Kids

Posted On: 8/6/2013

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Unis, arcade game MARKHAM, ON, Canada -- Now available from Universal Space is Funfair Bash, a game that challenges young players to throw softballs at a variety of targets displayed in a succession of environments on a 47" video screen. All the scenes are reminiscent of classic arcade games long popular in carnival sidestalls.

As in many traditional ball-centric amusements for which fairs are famous, Funfair Bash rewards success in a number of skills, from hitting targets in motion to striking a specific area of an immobile target -- all while a countdown timer is running. The scenes include clown tumblers and juggling clown, milk bottles, rolling barrels and a spinning wheel; the level of difficulty increases as the player moves from one scene to the next. Accurate location of a throw is rewarded with tickets, and the more rapidly hits are scored, the more tickets are won.

Funfair Bash is styled to resemble a mechanical ball-toss game, with transparent side panels to retain the balls in the play area and a bin below the control console to receive balls returned from the playfield. The colorful cabinet stands 94" high and measures 82.75" D. x 32.625" W.; it is styled with eye-catching LED signage on its highly visible header. It runs on 110VAC, consuming a maximum of 450W.

Universal Space, founded in 1993, has become a major contract manufacturer for amusement design and development organizations around the world. The company also has licensed many of its original games to companies in North America. A leading manufacturer and developer of redemption games, kiddie rides, prize machines and videogames, Unis presently distributes its equipment in more than 50 countries. It also operates 50 of its own Unisland family entertainment centers in China. It's headquartered in Guangdong, China, with branches in Hong Kong and Markham, ON, Canada.