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Tuffronts Unveils Graphic Design Service For Vendor Presentations

Posted On: 12/23/2011

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THE COLONY, TX -- A new service available from Tuffronts Inc. will provide operators with high-quality full-color presentation materials showing the appearance of vending equipment in styles customized for a prospective location.

The operator sends Tuffronts a list of the equipment that would be installed, and a description of the vending area in the location. Tuffronts graphic experts immediately render this information into an eye-catching professional illustration for use in offering a detailed proposal to a prospect or client. Turnaround time for the first rendering is one day; the cost is $50 per presentation, with up to 10 changes permitted within that price. Operators who subscribe to Tuffronts' new marketing service will receive a 50% discount on the presentation design service.

Tuffronts graphics software can depict any commonly used vending machine with a custom front, including fronts that "tile" into a panorama extending across an entire vending bank. Treatments can include fronts, fronts and sides, headers and end-caps, and complete area treatments.

Tuffronts, which began as an operating company called Ruth's Vending, developed a high level of expertise in machine and area styling. In 2004, it sold the operating portion of the business to concentrate on the manufacture of parts for restyling vending equipment. It called its kits, featuring a very durable, rigid but flexible material, "Tuffronts," and took its company name from the product.

Tuffronts started manufacturing pre-cut, black, ABS panels for the fronts and sides of vending machines, company president Robert Liva recalled. Its next product was the novel Tuffronts Alignment System that speeds and simplifies lining up machines upon installaiton, and securing them against rocking or shaking. Affordable custom graphics, to meet location desires, and lightweight, expandable area treatments followed.

Tuffronts Photo | VISUAL AID: A custom presentation, prepared by Tuffronts for an operator client, makes it easy to illustrate a proposal to a prospective account, or a recommendation to an existing client. The operator supplies information about the machines to be installed and the vending area; Tuffronts artists prepare a colorful, professional rendition within 24 hours.

The presentation service is described at the company's website, (click on "designs" at the right of the homepage header), or you can simply click here.