Trump Leads Clinton In Photobooth Poll; Apple Says Face Place Operators Are Big Winners As Tomorrow's Debate Approaches

Posted On: 10/17/2016

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photobooth election poll GREENVALE, NY -- During the weekend leading up to the second presidential debate on Oct. 9, Donald J. Trump was ahead of Hillary Clinton by six points, according to polling at Face Place photobooths. While these results might be counter to most news media polls, which show the Democrat ahead of her Republican rival, Apple Industries, the manufacturer of Face Place, says Clinton is now closing the gap.

Photobooths enabled with the election option (free to operators) offer patrons a choice of having their visages composited with their choice of major-party candidates for president in this year's race. The informal poll and promotion began on Sept. 1 and will end on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8. | SEE STORY

To participate, a Face Place customer can choose to be photographed in various poses with the virtual likeness of either nominee. Each photo is imprinted with a suitable border, and each photobooth transaction counts as a "vote" for the candidate in the continually updated poll. Apple is posting results at its website and on social media.

Face Place Election Booth 2016, which is Apple's first event attraction effort, was designed to drive sales by capitalizing on news events.

"Photos using our holiday graphics [cause] a spike in revenue every time we download them to Face Place booths for a specific holiday, from Christmas to Easter, Mother's Day, July 4th and Halloween," explained Apple chief operating officer Scott Avery. "In just the same way, our election booth photos and graphics are generating a surge in print sales whenever a major election news event occurs."

That's happening right now, according to Apple, with the third and final presidential debate coming up on Wednesday night, Oct. 19. The debate will take place at 9 p.m. at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and will be moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News. Topics will include the Supreme Court, immigration and fitness to be President.

Apple's election initiative demonstrates that its photobooths can be effective location-based survey tools not unlike digital jukeboxes and other kiosks. Eight years ago, for example, TouchTunes experimented with informal polling at its digital jukeboxes. Its Rock the Vote survey five months before the 2008 presidential election reportedly collected more than 72,000 responses. The interactive survey asked bar patrons about the candidates and social issues, and offered them the opportunity to enter their email address to receive voter registration forms. Nearly 10,000 people requested voter registration information. | SEE STORY

So Apple is not the amusement industry's first company to conduct an election-polling event, but it could be the first to create a news-driven profit center for operators by combining digital interactivity with a vended memento.