Tiburon Lockers Unveils Electronic Model With Enhanced Efficiencies

Posted On: 2/24/2010

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ROCHELLE PARK, NJ -- Now available from Tiburon Lockers Inc. is an all-new electronic locker rental system. Tiburon, which describes itself as the largest revenue-share rental locker company in the United States, has applied its extensive experience in coin locker design to introducing innovations designed to improve profitability, increase customer satisfaction and maximize operational efficiencies.

Among the enhancements implemented in the new L3 system are remote monitoring and revenue audit; an algorithm that can maximize income by relating occupancy to the time remaining in the day; indicators pointing to the lockers that require cleaning at the end of the day, and those that don't; and other programmable features. The system has been under development for more than four years.

"Our products and services can be operated by conventional vending machine operators," a company spokeswoman told VT. "Our product can be placed at locations where other vending machines are placed, such as hotels, hospitals, amusement parks, water parks, train stations, and many more."

According to Tiburon president and chief executive Jared Lowenthal, changes in the marketplace made it necessary to take a new look at the classic coin locker with an eye to its role in boosting the customer's enjoyment of the location in which it is installed. For example, in the case of public sites, the consumer two decades ago might patronize one amusement park because it was the only destination within reach. Today, many other attractions compete. Anything that increases patron satisfaction at one of these venues thus can increase traffic.

The company has succeeded in improving the overall ease of access to personal items, as well as making sure that visitors spend as little time as possible waiting on line for their belongings, Lowenthal explained. "Lockers can be a little like a field goal kicker -- no one notices them unless they mess up," he pointed out. "We will add a 'wow factor.' On the other end, we cost the venues nothing, and make management and staff's operation smoother."

The development and implementation of remote monitoring of operation functionality is Lowenthal's favorite feature of all the 400-plus innovations incorporated in the new system, the company president added. "Not only does this system give real-time reporting of revenues, but it also includes state-of-the-art features that allow us to monitor and address potential issues remotely from anywhere," he explained. "We have taken a page from other spheres of security products by offering full-time remote monitoring. After all, this is a security product, and it's designed to enhance customer convenience and experience."

Tiburon has added the new L3 system as a separate product class; it continues to offer its popular classic coin lockers as the other class of products, and deploys a staff of more than 40 support personnel.

The company maintains a website at tiburonlockers.com, and can be reached by calling (201) 880-8469.