Taiwan's iDrink Smart Beverage Machine Enters North American Market

Posted On: 11/19/2019

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NEW YORK CITY - Sino United Worldwide Consolidated (SUIC) iDrink is set to install two new iDrink Smart IoT beverage vending machines that dispense beer and other cold beverages in the Big Apple, its first ever in the North American market.

Taipei, Taiwan-based SUIC said the launch will set the stage for expansion in North America. SUIC says it has installed 100 iDrink vending machines in bars and restaurants in four smart cities in Taiwan.

SUIC iDrink uses a cloud platform services that consolidate consumption data from beverage manufacturers and consumers alike, and upload the data to its blockchain-enabled iDrink smart vending machine. The company describes the iDrink vender as a beverage vending machine and a cryptocurrency mining machine, as well as a digital O2O (online to online) currency ATM terminal.

"The iDrink Smart Vending Machine manages real-time inventory information, tracks a fleet of beverage suppliers, offers a myriad of data about its consumers' habits and spending through a seamless cryptocurrency payment system, using business intelligence and analytics solutions with Internet of Things, Bluetooth and RFID tags," the company explained. "iDrink will construct a O2O ecosystem by making available the iDrink tokens and coins to users worldwide, thus connecting its blockchain technology with the IoT through Bluetooth on smartphones and other devices"

The machine's "ecosystem," according to the company, connects advertisers and partners through their four touchscreen advertising monitors, allowing "OEM, other brand partners, servicers, retailers, stockers, investors, consumers to advertise and promote their products and services, and to share content across platforms that can reach iDrink customers in different ways."

Additionally, officials said SUIC will boost the iDrink brand and image by installing iDrink machines and logos with hashtags and QR codes in public and private locations, including restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, pubs, clubs, cafes, shopping malls, hospitals, ball games and stadiums and by engaging customers on an individual level with influencer and experiential marketing through the use of its very own Drink Coin cryptocurrency.

SUIC iDrink sales and marketing teams around the U.S. will work together with local breweries, merchants, partners, and distributors, and will accelerate development of new channels, partner marketing, and support sales training and initiatives.