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Spotlight, October 2012: What's new for Bulk Vending, Cranes, Amusement Merchandisers and Redemption Counters

Posted On: 10/16/2012

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TAGS: Bulk vending, A&A Global Industries, Flat vending, Allstar Vending, Cranes and redemption, Big Apple Vending, Play Time Toys, Redemption Plus, Sureshot Redemption

October 2012 Spotlight On Prizes

Annoying Orange | Career Voodoo Dolls | Christmas Plush | Cut the Rope | Dragon Tattoos #5 | Flying Disks | Grow Skeletons | Knuckle Tattoos | Kreebils | Mustache & Skull Jewelry | NFL Plush | Punch Balls | |
New items featured in Vending Times' October 2012 issue. Look for "Spotlight on Prizes & Bulk Vending" in every issue for profiles latest capsuled toys, flat vendables (stickers and tattoos), plush and high-end prizes.

Bulk Vending  & Amusement Companies

A&A Global Industries
Allstar Vending
Big Apple Vending
Play Time Toys
Redemption Plus
Sureshot Redemption

Brands Represented

Cartoon Network
 - Annoying Orange
Voodo Dolls
Christmas / Holiday
Om Nom

Bulk / Amusement Vending Formats

Bulk vending
Bulk vending -- 1.1" and 2" capsules
Bulk vending -- 2" capsules
Cranes and redemption
Flat vending

Annoying Orange

Description: Cartoon Network's anthropomorphic fruit makes flat vending debut with 15 sticker and 12 tattoo designs. YouTube sensation turned cartoon star averages 2.2 million viewers per episode.
Format: Flat vending
Supplier: A&A Global Industries

Career Voodoo Dolls

Description: Voodoo dolls with occupations include Knotty Nurse Nancy, President O'Knot-A, Officer Ted Thread and DJ Loopy Lou. Colorful 15-doll assortment is also available mixed with Zombies figurines for lower vending prices.
Format: Bulk vending
Supplier: A&A Global Industries

Christmas Plush

Description: Christmas and winter-themed mixes bring holiday spirit to cranes. Available in 100-piece 7"-10" plush kit ($1.30 avg.) and 50-piece 7"-14" jumbo assortment ($2.50 avg.).
Format: Cranes
Supplier: Redemption Plus

Cut the Rope

Description: Mobile videogame sensation's little green monster Om Nom stars in series of 10 tattoos. Multiple transfers come on a single sheet.
Format: Flat vending
Supplier: Allstar Vending

Dragon Tattoos #5

Description: Ten intricate designs range from Aztec to Chinese styles.
Format: Flat vending
Supplier: Allstar Vending

Flying Disks

Description: Foldable 5" nylon flyers and mini plastic throwing disks feature cartoon legends from Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Warner Bros. and others. Large and small flyers are available straight or mixed.
Format: Bulk vending -- 2" capsules
Supplier: A&A Global Industries

Grow Skeletons

Description: A spooky take on popular Grow Animals that's twice the size, with suggested 50¢ vend price.
Format: Bulk vending -- 1.1" and 2" capsules
Supplier: Big Apple Vending

Knuckle Tattoos

Description: Two-word phrases like "Baby Doll" and "Cute Dork" placed across the knuckles look just like the real thing.
Format: Flat vending
Supplier: Allstar Vending


Description: Egg-shaped plush creatures with comics-style, pop-art appeal. Six characters with unique personalities come in small and jumbo sizes. Exclusive.
Format: Cranes
Supplier: A&A Global Industries

Mustache & Skull Jewelry

Description: Fashionable mustache rings adjustable for all sizes and matching bracelets come in an assortment of neon colors. Skull rings in multiple colors and styles make girls look like rock stars.
Format: Bulk vending
Supplier: Sureshot Redemption

NFL Plush

Description: Bears celebrate football season sporting team jerseys; offered in regular 144-unit mix ($2.35 apiece) and 75-unit jumbo assortment ($3.50 apiece).
Format: Cranes and redemption
Supplier: Play Time Toys

Punch Balls

Description: Each comes with an attached rubberband and is made of rugged material that resists breakage. 50¢ vend.
Format: Bulk vending -- 2" capsules
Supplier: Allstar Vending