Spotlight, November 2012: What's new for Bulk Vending, Cranes, Amusement Merchandisers and Redemption Counters

Posted On: 11/21/2012

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TAGS: New bulk vending products, new products, A&A Global Industries, Flat vending, Allstar Vending, Cranes and redemption, Christmas Candy Crane Mixes, Toy Network LLC, Impulse Industries, Sureshot Redemption

 New Bulk Vending Products

Bomb Assortment | Christmas Candy Crane Mixes | Christmas Plush | Disney Fairies Tattoos #4 | Domo Eraser Figurines | The Gooli Toys | Inflatable Balls | Lubies | Monster Pillows | Mustache Jewelry | Shiny Bladder Ball Animals | Skull Banks | String Animal Dolls (8") | String Dolls Series #2
New items featured in Vending Times' November 2012 issue. Look for "Spotlight on Prizes & Bulk Vending" in every issue for profiles latest capsuled toys, flat vendables (stickers and tattoos), plush and high-end prizes. For consideration, contact April Symmes at

Bulk Vending  & Amusement Companies

A&A Global Industries
Allstar vending
Discount Plush
HMS Monaco
Impulse Industries
S&B Candy and Toy Co
Sureshot Redemption Toy
Toy Network LLC

Brands Represented

Despicable Me
Dr. Krinkles
Mike & Ikes
Red Hots
Tootsie Rolls

Bulk / Amusement Vending Formats

Cranes and redemption
Bulk vending
Flat vending
Prize vending

Bomb Assortment

Description: Soft-stuffed bombs feature fun character faces; ships in 2013.
Format: Cranes and redemption
Supplier: Toy Network LLC

Christmas Candy Crane Mixes

Description: Red and green candy, along with seasonal toys: ornaments, elf porcupines, Santa springs and pencils, holiday kaleidoscopes, and M&M trains and rail cars. Also included: candy cane nuggets, foil-wrapped Tootsie Rolls, Mike and Ikes and Red Hots.
Format: Cranes
Supplier: S&B Candy and Toy Co.

Christmas Plush

Description: Small and jumbo Christmas plush, generic and licensed. Beanies, Garfield, Frosty, Scooby-Doo, Penguins of Madagascar and Despicable Me are available in holiday skins.
Format: Cranes and redemption
Supplier: Discount Plush

Disney Fairies Tattoos #4

Description: Tinker Bell and Rosetta are among the 10 fairy favorites in this floral, fanciful and feminine sequel.
Format: Flat vending
Supplier: Allstar vending

Domo Eraser Figurines

Description: Pop-culture icon is offered in six different poses and colors.
Format: Bulk vending (1.1" or 2" capsules)
Supplier: A&A Global Industries

The Gooli Toys

Description: First vending series based on drawings and sculptures of Dr. Krinkles collaborating with Emi Boz. Seven miniature art monsters possess their own personalities: Quip, Blinks, Largo, Shummi, Koz, Skellbo and Gork.
Format: Bulk vending (2")
Supplier: A&A Global Industries

Inflatable Balls

Description: Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) and Creepy varieties add fright factor to this exclusive line of 5" inflatable balls. Ten designs are in each series.
Format: Cranes (250-ct./case)
Supplier: Impulse Industries - Contact: (800) 446-7857


Description: Premium plush mix (pronounced luh-beez) is huggable and "tossable" in its ball-shaped form. Unit price is under $2.
Format: Cranes and redemption
Supplier: S&B Candy and Toy Co

Monster Pillows

Description: Zany soft-tuffed monsters come in bright color assortments. Line is new for 2013.
Format: Redemption
Supplier: Toy Network LLC

Mustache Jewelry

Description: Mustache rings, necklaces, keychains and fake fuzz follow hipster trend.
Format: Prize vending. Available individually or in kits set up for various equipment types.
Supplier: HMS Monaco

Shiny Bladder Ball Animals

Description: Six distinctive animal collections in fun metallic colors; available in 2013.
Format: Redemption
Supplier: Toy Network LLC

Skull Banks

Description: Spooky depositories ship in two assortments and variety of colors.
Format: Redemption
Supplier: Toy Network LLC

String Animal Dolls (8")

Description: This popular novelty is bigger than ever -- eight inches. Assorted colors and characters make great stocker stuffers.
Format: Cranes and redemption (#25324)
Supplier: Sureshot Redemption

String Dolls Series #2

Description: Each doll has its own name and backstory, commanding a suggested vend price of 75¢ or $1.
Format: Bulk vending (2" capsules)
Supplier: Allstar Vending