Spotlight, August 2012: What's new for Bulk Vending, Cranes, Amusement Merchandisers and Redemption Counters

Posted On: 8/20/2012

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TAGS: New Bulk Vending Products, A&A Global Industries, Allstar Vending, Coast to Coast, Sureshot, Playtime Toys, S&B Candy & Toy, Redemption Plus, Angry Birds, Discount Plush, HMS Monaco

Vending Times Bulk Vending


Bulk Vending  & Amusement Companies

A&A Global Industries
Allstar Vending
Discount Plush
S&B Candy and Toy Co.
HMS Monaco
Play Time Toys
Sureshot Redemption

Brands Represented

Angry Birds
Dora the Explorer
Hello Kitty
 - Avengers
    - Thor
    - Iron Man
    - The Hulk
    - Captain America
Pink Panther

Bulk / Amusement Vending Formats

Flat Vending

Following are new items featured in Vending Times' August 2012 print edition. Look for 'Novelty Vending' and 'Spotlight on Prizes' in every issue for information on the latest capsuled toys, flat vendibles (stickers and tattoos), plush and high-end prizes.

Avengers Tattoos

Description: Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk and Captain America star in new tat series.
Format: Flat vending
Supplier: Allstar Vending

Back-To-School Mix

Description: 30 school-themed novelties include bendy school kids, smiley face pencils, alphabet tracers and candy favorites like Jujyfruits and Smarties.
Format: Cranes
Supplier: S&B Candy and Toy Co.

Cheer Chains

Description: Colorful pompom keychains ramp up team spirit.
Format: 2" capsules, 250/case. 50¢ vend.
Supplier: Allstar Vending

Christmas Angry Birds

Description: Pre-orders for Christmas Angry Birds 5" plush. Decked out in festive holiday attire, the 100% licensed characters cost $4.59 each and are packed 144 per case. Orders ship Nov. 1, with free freight.
Format: Cranes
Supplier: Discount Plush

Dino World

Description: Collectible dinosaurs in bright colors.
Format: 1" capsules. 250/case
Supplier: Allstar Vending

Halloween: Plush and Spooky Masks

Description: Friendly faced, cuddly mix of black cats, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and more. Available for regular and jumbo claw cranes. Also, brightly colored Halloween disguises are as whimsical as they are frightening; can be used as redemption prizes or supplied in capsules for cranes.
Format: Cranes and redemption
Supplier: HMS Monaco

Honey Badger Plush

Description: YouTube sesation Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger debuts in 10.5" plush embroidered with the famous line: "Honey Badger Don't Care." Viral video, which replaced sound of National Geographic footage with comical narration, has attracted more than 48 million views since January 2011.
Format: Cranes
Supplier: Sureshot Redemption

Mini Plunger Stands

Description: Playful miniature replicas of the classic "plumber's friend" are designed to serve as stands for handheld electronic devices. The little plunger consists of a suction cup fitted onto a short, sturdy shaft.
Format: Bulk vending. 2" capsules
Supplier: A&A Global Industries

Pink Panther Plush

Description: Beloved classic cartoon character grabs attention in pink, purple, blue, and red plush in 8.5", 12", 19" and 26" sizes.
Format: Cranes
Supplier: Sureshot Redemption

Premium Prizes

Description: High-end merchandise includes tablets, MP3 players, TVs, headsets and more. Prices range from $5 to $140 and products can be ordered ready to use in specific redemption games.
Format: Redemption games and counters
Supplier: Play Time Toys

Puffy Rings

Description: Neon-colored, stretchable puffy rings. Available in 100% flashing and flashing/non-flashing mixes.
Format: 2" capsules, 250/case. Flashing: 75¢ to $1 vend; mix, 50¢ vend
Supplier: Allstar Vending

Puzzle Balls

Description: Licensed puzzle balls are offered in the likenesses of Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, Disney Princesses and Dora the Explorer. Each 2.5" metal ball is filled with mini puzzle pieces; the final solution measures 5" x 7".
Format: Cranes and merchandisers (Stacker, Pile Up, Key Master)
Supplier: S&B Candy & Toy Co.


Description: Series includes eight styles of more or less anthropoid robots of the kind popularized by science-fiction stories and movies from the 1950s forward.
Format: Bulk vending. 2" capsules
Supplier: A&A Global Industries

Skate City Stickers

Description: Cool skateboard stickers with urban-flair and bold colors.
Format: Flat vending
Supplier: Allstar Vending