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Spectrum Fireball Offers Fun And Simple Play

Posted On: 6/5/2009

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PACIFIC, WA -- These days, few acronyms have earned more respect in coin-op than K.I.S.S. -- keep it simple, stupid. With this mantra in mind, Medalist Marketing Corp. (Pacific, WA) has rolled out Spectrum Fireball, a simple mechanical game with easily understood play.

Videogame enthusiasts are getting their fixes from home consoles, officials pointed out, so good out-of-home games must invite all potential players to test them without discouraging anyone from trying. Challenges that can't be replicated at home are ideal in today's market as well.

The new addition to the Spectrum line, which includes dartboards and table games, meets the need for this type of universal appeal and broad application with straightforward guard-your-goal and score-in-your-opponent's play, said Medalist vice-president Chris Peppard. He added that the game is fast, addictive and a steady earner; feedback from operators and distributors, paired with on-location testing, suggests it has an average ROI of fewer than 26 weeks.

The two-player challenge is very social and each game generally lasts less than three minutes. The ball is dropped into the playfield and each player uses a patent-pending Power Stick to maneuver a single flipper to guard his or her goal and try to launch the ball into the opponent's goal. A game consists of nine balls, so the first to score five wins.

Interior LED lighting makes placement in darker areas acceptable and in some situations ideal, as the illuminated table will draw the interest of passers by. And the sealed, tempered-glass top is spill resistant and prevents runaway balls.

The Spectrum Fireball tavern model incorporates a push-chute coin mech; the arcade version, Fireball Deluxe, offers DBA-compatible electronics. The company suggests charging 50¢ to $1 a game.

After generating positive buzz in Japan, London and Mumbai, Spectrum Fireball was shown to American audiences for the first time at the recent Amusement Showcase International in Las Vegas.

"The initial response has been so amazing, and we are just getting started," Peppard said. As the company is a manufacturer that also operates, he added: "Fireball offers everything we look for today when searching for that next opportunity: across-the-board appeal, minimal service, and it's promotable and highly addictive."

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