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Smart Industries Introduces Arcade Boxing Games With Revealing Interactive Screens

Posted On: 4/28/2014

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DES MOINES, IA -- Smart Industries is taking coin-op boxing to a higher level of amusement with two novel concepts, Boxer Baby and Ultima Assaulter. Each features a 27" high-definition monitor that delivers interactive elements to the classic boxing game.

Boxer Baby offers players a choice of images -- 12 female or three male -- that are swathed in bubbles, leaves or flowers. In gameplay, the pieces of the decorative wraps are knocked away in correlation to the strength of the player's punch. According to Smart, the game might be considered somewhat risqué, but its images are "within the bounds of decency." None of the models exhibited is ever fully exposed; the end result is akin to an old-time pinup as opposed to an R-rated film.

Smart Industries, boxer game, coin-op

photo | HIT GAME: Smart Industries' Jason Smart shows off new coin-op boxers at the recent Amusement Expo in Las Vegas. Both Boxer Baby and Ultima Assaulter feature 27" HD screens with avatars that respond with the strength of a patron's punch.

Ultima Assaulter allows patrons to test their punches against a choice of four animated bad guys who take the forms of a tough guy, woman, tank or Minotaur. Not unlike Boxer Baby, the action on screen corresponds to the strength of a punch. A soft punch may cause barely a flinch in the opponent, but if hit hard enough, the response from the speed bag sends the bad guy through a brick wall.

Ultima Assaulter has a tournament mode in which several players may compete to see who can land the hardest punch.

"We think these machines represent one of the most creative elements ever incorporated into a boxer, and should provide added flare to location-based boxing games," said Smart's Jim Dupree. "All we are doing is adding new technology and a new twist to a game that has been around for years. These new boxer concepts are great for FECs, bowling centers, bars and all location types."

Boxer Baby measures 36" W. x 46" D. x 84" H. Ultima Assaulter comes in at 35" W. x 46" D. and 101" H.; its extra height accommodates the game's skull-themed marquee. Both boxers are ticket-dispenser ready, making them ideal for redemption locations, and for cross-promotional programs for street operators. In one example, Dupree suggests that street operators use tickets to offer high-score discounts at restaurants, taverns and bowling centers, among other locations.

The two new boxers are part of Smart's sport games lineup, which includes Ultimate Big Punch, another boxer, and the Shoot to Win basketball series. A leather punching bar, foam padding, location-resettable high-scores, LED and dot-matrix effects, 18-gauge steel cabinetry, coin/bill payment support and locking cashbox are among the standard features found on the new games.

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