Sell more stuff: Do You Know The Largest Employer In Your State? What About In Your City Or Local Area?

by Paul Schlossberg
Posted On: 7/12/2019

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Paul Schlossberg

USA Today ran a listing article - " Who is the largest employer in your state?  Walmart top in nation with Amazon second ." Can you say who the biggest employers are in your market area? Are you serving any of those locations?

We could expect that Walmart would be at or near the top of the list. It's not just their retail presence. Think about their headquarters and regional offices plus warehouses and data center operations. Walmart has 1.5 million U.S. employees. Whether it is breakrooms with vending or maybe cafeterias and micromarkets, they have a lot people who will want food, snacks and beverages.

Amazon also has offices, warehouses and data centers. After acquiring Whole Foods and adding brick and mortar stores, Amazon has 400,000 U.S. employees.

The article notes "There are over 5 million state government employees nationwide." And it goes on "…a number of other public organizations operating as companies -- often a state university or hospital network -- also emerge as the biggest employers on the state level." There are references to two 24/ reports -- concerning government and college employment.

One link takes you to data about state government workforces . "Government employment across the country is far from evenly distributed. In some states, federal workers, as well as state and local government employees, account for anywhere between 12% and 25% of total employment."

You should take the time to dig into the details concerning employment at government locations, state and local colleges and state and local hospital health systems and hospitals. Don't forget to look into private colleges and healthcare operations.

Having a list of the largest employers in your service area is a critical element in your new business planning efforts. But that list alone is not enough. You should also be prepared to address the following:

1. Do you know which foodservice, vending and OCS providers are serving these locations?

2. Do you know the timing and duration of the contract terms from the most recent RFPs? Many of the RFP details are in public records. You can get the information.

3. When will the next RFP be announced and sent to potential providers?

4. Perhaps most important of all, is your company on the list of companies to be notified when the next RFP is released for responses?

If you need help finding the biggest employers in your area, there are lots of resources available to assist you:

1. Search online. You'll find an almost endless source of listing for "largest _____ in (your city)."

2. Check local newspapers and/or business journals. There are usually lists of biggest ____ in the local area.

3. Identify local groups and/or professional trade associations. Think about attending local meetings to make personal connections with decision makers -- the people who might just be on the receiving end of the RFPs you submit. Maybe you should become a member and even get involved in local issues.

If you want to sell more stuff, make certain that you are always focused on the largest employers in your area.

Paul Schlossberg is president of D/FW Consulting, working with clients to merchandise and market products in impulse-intense selling environments, such as vending, onsite foodservice and convenience stores. Based in the Austin, TX, area, he can be reached by emailing to, calling him at (972) 877-2972. The company is online at