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Sega's Let's Go Island Is Sequel To Popular Jungle Videogame

Posted On: 4/10/2011

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Sega Let's Go Island

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL -- Sega's Let's Go Island, which began shipping in January, is designed to build on the success of Let's Go Jungle, and continues the adventures of that game's protagonists, Ben and Nora. Both games were conceived to resemble movies incorporating a plot and developed characters. Sega notes that this approach engages the players' interest, and keeps them coming back until they have experienced the adventure all the way to the end.

The new piece will be available in several cabinet styles. The two sit-down versions are styled to resemble a boat; the players sit in an open cockpit loosely modeled after the captain's bench of a sports boat. Sega explained that this design enhances location decor by enabling guests to see the monitor and share the adventure.

While Let's Go Jungle required the hero and heroine to shoot their way out of a land populated by giant mutant vermin, Let's Go Island finds them captured by pirates and compelled to assist in a treasure hunt, opposed by such hazards as a giant octopus, a horde of oversized crabs and a school of sharks.

Let's Go Island offers more gameplay stages than its predecessor, and the video graphics have been updated to generate an intricately detailed, richly colored environment. It also incorporates a number of "mini games" to entertain players and test their skills; these mini-game events require players to work together in order to attain the best results and win the highest scores. The new features are designed to deepen the immersive experience and keep patrons coming back to play again and again, in order to make it off the island.

The new game is available in three versions. The two deluxe versions feature, respectively, a 42" high-definition LCD monitor and cockpit motion, or a 47" HD LCD screen without motion. An upright cabinet, for locations where space is at a premium, is fitted with a 32" display.

Information is available from Sega Amusements USA sales representatives by emailing to Tom.Keil, Vince.Moreno or Peter.Gustafson, all

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