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Sega Launches Double Spin Wheel-Action Ticket Redemption Game

Posted On: 8/8/2013

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Sega Double Wheel, arcade game LONDON -- New from Sega Amusements is Double Spin, the latest in the company's expanding line of ticket redemption arcade games.

As its name suggests, Double Spin incorporates two wheels, one above the other. The top wheel determines ticket value, displayed in the upper window of a transparent panel mounted between the wheels. The lower window displays a "multiplier value." The total score is tallied on a large luminous numeric display fixed to the center of the top wheel.

Each wheel is controlled by its own oversized lever, one on each side of the control console. Pulling back and releasing the left lever starts the Ticket Value wheel spinning; pulling back and releasing the right lever similarly triggers the Multiplier Wheel's rotation. As either lever is drawn back, the annular light that surrounds the corresponding wheel alters its intensity around the circumference, allowing the experienced player to predict with some accuracy the number that will come up after the lever is released, when the wheel spins and stops.

If the player manages to get "Super" on the Ticket Wheel to line up with "Bonus" on the Multiplier Wheel, a Super Ticket Bonus is awarded.

"Double Spin makes a terrific presentation," said Sega sales manager Vince Moreno. "The multicolored LED lighting throughout the cabinet, coupled with the dual, extra-large wheels and the twin oversized action levers, draw players in. The fun and intuitive gameplay keeps players coming back to try for the Super Ticket Bonus.

"The game is fun for players of all levels," Moreno added. "Strategic players will have fun slowly working the levers back to get the lighting exactly where they want it before letting the wheel spin. Casual players will just 'grip it and rip it,' enjoying the size, lighting, action and sounds the game provides."

Double Spin joins Sega's expanding line of ticket redemption games. These include Pirates of Monster Island, Crazy Cuckoo, Bejeweled, Super Monkey Ball, Pigs Might Fly, Sonic Basketball and Sonic Air Hockey.

"All of these games are still available, with some going back as far as 2008," said Sega sales manager Tom Keil. "This speaks to their quality, as well as the popularity of the redemption game category."

Double Spin measures 47" wide x 33" deep x 86" high. It's available for immediate shipment from Sega's Illinois warehouse. Information may be had from authorized Sega distributors or online at

Sega is famous for its videogames, but in recent years the company has developed a diversified entertainment line. It now offers products in most amusement game categories, from video amusements through mechanical ticket redemption, arcade sports and "photo-tainment" to prize vending and "vid-demption" equipment.