Rock-Ola Unveils Limited-Edition 90th Anniversary Jukebox Design

Posted On: 12/15/2017

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TORRANCE, CA -- Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corp. has produced a very short run of 100 jukeboxes designed to commemorate the company's 90th anniversary. Rock-Ola was established in 1927 and manufactured its first jukebox in 1935. The company was acquired by Antique Apparatus in 1992.

The limited-edition Rock-Ola jukebox features a brushed-aluminum cabinet with gold tone castings, black trim and five rotating color cylinders. It's equipped with a 100-CD magazine, dual volume controls for jukebox and external speakers, a Bluetooth transceiver for streaming wireless music and a remote control. Its classic illumination is enhanced by LED lighting. 

Rock-Ola manufactured a very broad range of coin-operated equipment before and after World War II. During the war, the company turned out M1 .30-cal. carbines.

Glen Streeter, who headed Antique Apparatus's acquisition of Rock-Ola, reports that 2017 has been a busy year for the company, with a number of special projects successfully completed. These include a commemorative jukebox for William Clay (Bill) Ford Jr., executive chairman of Ford Motor Co., to celebrate the victories of a Ford GT40 in the 24-hour LeMans racing event in 1966 and a 2016 Ford GT in the same event half a century later.

The company also turned out a limited edition of 20 Playboy jukeboxes, one of which was presented to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner before his death in September. Streeter recalled that Rock-Ola and Antique Apparatus had jukeboxes featured in the centerfolds of two different issues of Playboy, including the January 2000 Centennial Edition.

The company also shared high-resolution photographs and factory drawings of the Rock-Ola Bubbler jukebox with Lance Freed, the son of rock'n'roll radio and concert trailblazer Alan Freed. The artwork was used to engrave a headstone for the music industry legend's final resting-place in Cleveland, OH.

Streeter added that the company has received a contract to produce 200 Big B jukeboxes for India. It celebrates Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, an actor, producer and television host. Rock-Ola will produce 100 white-finish and 100 black-finish Bubbler jukeboxes.

Rock-Ola Manufacturing Co. is online at A lengthy and informative interview with Glen Streeter is available on the Mantiques website; it's Episode #11 of the network's Reality Show network menu.