Raw Thrills Unveils Injustice Series 2 Cards, Kit, Software Update

Posted On: 2/26/2019

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SKOKIE, IL — Raw Thrills has announced the release of a new set of cards and a software kit for its Injustice arcade game. Injustice arcade is a redemption game licensed from DC Comics and Warner Bros., which takes place in a an alternative universe in which a maniacal Superman has established a totalitarian regime, and a group of sane superheroes, led by Batman, stage a revolution.

The update, promised by Raw Thrills in its first VT 2019 newsletter consists of the expanded Series 2 card set, software to support the Series 2 Cards and a translite graphic display showing the new cards, as well as a decal with a QR code that links to a Series 2 Card checklist,with a new roll-up banner featuring a whole new set of DC collectible cards.

Current owners and lessors of Injustice arcade will receive the software kit, which is shipping now, with the introduction of the brand-new Series 2 collectible cards.

The new card set retains the same tier hierarchy: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Platinum cards will include new Team Cards, such as "League of Assassins," "Teen Titans," "Justice League" and more. Once the update is complete, both Series 1 and Series 2 Cards can be vended.

Raw Thrills reports that many locations already are moving a lot of cards since the game first premiered in 2017, and Injustice arcade remains a hit in FECs all over. According to Raw Thrills, Injustice arcade continues to increase in earnings and popularity, averaging more than 400 cards a week. The company predicts that the new Series 2 cards will increase revenue, foot traffic and duration of stay.