Raw Thrills Recreates Classic Cruis'n Arcade Videogame With Today's Technology

Posted On: 10/7/2016

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Cruis'n Blast, Raw Thrills, arcade video game SKOKIE, IL -- New from Raw Thrills is the company's first exclusive release for arcades, Cruis'n Blast. The game celebrates fondly remembered Cruis'n USA, designed and fabricated by Midway Manufacturing under license from Nintendo in 1994.

Fittingly, the modernized Cruis'n Blast was brought to life by Raw Thrills' veteran studio team under the direction of Eugene Jarvis, who led Midway's design effort more than two decades ago. Jarvis cofounded Raw Thrills in 2001 and now serves as company president.

"With the resurging millennial arcade scene and unprecedented player demand, the time was right for a new Cruis'n game," Jarvis explained. Cruis'n Blast is that game.

Raw Thrills has brought Cruis'n into the new millennium. The game features an immersive cockpit simulator that surrounds the player with high-definition "supercomputer graphics" on a 43" 1080p HD LED monitor powered by an nVidia GTX 750 Ti processor. It also boasts the manufacturer's "Thrill-D Blaster" sound system that recreates the sound of an actual race, backed by a gripping soundtrack described as "a staple of the Cruis'n experience."

According to the manufacturer, the cockpit simulator allows players to zoom through the bustle of London at 200 mph, blast through the "exotic wonders" of Madagascar, celebrate Carnaval in Rio, admire the high-tech splendor of Singapore and "drive an earth-shaking thriller" through Death Valley. "Every track is packed with speed thrills, exploding scenery and extreme special FX," Jarvis said.

Also new is the Blast turbo-boost feature that enables "truly insane" speed. The application of modern networking architecture provides the ability to link as many as eight games for massive multiplayer action.

Players can select from a range of contemporary supercars, including the Lamborghini Veneno, Nissan GTR and Chevrolet Corvette Z06, among others.

Raw Thrills reports that Cruis'n Blast will be available in January 2017.