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Rats Inc. Introduces Mechs And Bases For Gacha Bulk Venders

Posted On: 4/27/2009

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MONTEREY PARK, CA -- Now available from Rats Inc. are coin mechanisms, metal bases and other replacement parts for Tomy's Gacha vending machines. Rats specializes in the design and manufacture of Gacha components, and supplies them to operators in the U.S. and Mexico.

The new custom mechanisms can be adjusted to accept either U.S. coins or Mexican pesos. They have a drop-through feature, whereby improper coins are routed to fall directly into the coinbox. This design prevents jams that would otherwise occur when an odd-sized coin is inserted into the mechanism. Coin carriers and other moving parts are available for existing Gacha mechanisms.

The all-steel replacement base features either a glide or, for an additional charge, high-quality wheels.

"We're here for former Tomy vendors who would still like to be able to use their Gacha machines," explained Rats sales manager Lester Sternberg. "This is a 'win-win' alternative since Tomy has left the Americas."

The Gacha vending system consists of four bulk heads topped with a display case. Each head can hold approximately 175 capsules, 2" in diameter. The display shows consumers exactly what they are buying, helping to increase sales. Multiple units can be joined together by plates to create an attractive vending bank.

Tomy Yujin Corp., a division of the Tokyo-based toy giant Tomy Co. Ltd., shut down its vending business in North America in late February. Tomy Europe, a toymaker based in Sutton, England, recently acquired Tomy Yujin Europe, which supplies the novelty vending market from Yujin Japan, and in January renamed it Gacha International.

Sternberg estimates that there may be as many as 50,000 Gacha venders that were sold into the U.S. market. These machines were equipped with $1 coin mechs to support Tomy's premium bulk merchandise. To meet the merchandising needs of all operators, Rats also is offering 50¢ and 75¢ mechs in addition to its $1 mech.

Separately, Rats is supplying custom coin mechs for Canada, where mechs for the Looney and Tooney are available through Actionmatic of Chatham, ON. Gacha International recently named Actionmatic its exclusive Canadian distributor of Gacha vendible products and machines.

Rats Inc. may be contacted at (626) 672-5156 for pricing and other information.