Post-it Brand Refrigerator-Friendly Sticky Notes

Posted On: 8/14/2018

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KEEPS ON STICKIN’: New Post-it Brand Extreme Notes adhere to a variety of surfaces.  Once applied, they can withstand low temperatures and moisture, so they have many uses in commercial foodservice operations.
MAPLEWOOD, MN — The Post-it Brand has launched a new line of Extreme Notes, specifically designed to stick to the rough and textured surfaces found in kitchens. The low-tack adhesive is formulated to withstand harsh conditions including low temperatures (including freezing), moisture, boiling water and wind from industrial fans.

In use, Extreme Notes are written on with a permanent (non-gel) marker and applied to  a dry surface. Once in place, they’ll survive a wetting and exposure to a wide range of temperatures.

Intended to expedite communications between people involved in different stages of processes like food preparation, packaging and storage – night and day shifts, storage and route service personnel and the like – Post-it’s Brand's Extreme Notes are made with a new adhesive called Dura-hold that permits adhesion to wood, textured metal and other materials with irregular surfaces.

At present, Extreme Notes are offered in single 3x3" packs with 45 sheets per pack, and in 3- and 12-pack options. Packs are available in orange, green, yellow and mint colors.