Parlevel's Feed App Helps Operators Keep Finger On Pulse Of Business

Posted On: 1/15/2018

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SAN ANTONIO – Parlevel Systems' new Feed app sends operators everything they need to know about their vending, micromarket or OCS/pantry operation, directly to their mobile phone. 

Operators receive push notifications for more than 25 different activities including route progress, service-ticket status and customer feedback. Notification settings are customizable.

Feed by Parlevel syncs up to Parlevel's vending management system. Every time a team member marks a task as complete, the operator receives a notification on his or her phone. 

For example, when warehouse personnel complete a prekit, a route driver services a machine, or an OCS invoice is delivered, the operator knows about it immediately. 

Touching the notification on the phone takes the operator to the app, where he or she can view additional information about the activity that has been completed like time of completion, who finished it among other details to help keep their teams accountable. 

If employees are lagging behind in getting their job done, the operator will notice he or she isn't receiving notifications, or they are coming in slower than usual.

Feed helps operators take care of important machine issues immediately. If a machine has an issue, like a coin or bill jam or a compressor problem, the operator will be notified as soon as it happens. He or she can simply call up a technician or make a note for repair after receiving the update, and fix the machine as soon as possible. 

Inside the app, completed activities are displayed chronologically from newest to oldest. At the end of the day, operators can scroll through the feed to see exactly what their businesses accomplished on that day.