Parlevel Releases 'Koin' Micromarket Payment Platform

Posted On: 12/1/2017

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SAN ANTONIO, TX -- Parlevel Systems has released Koin, a mobile application designed to enable micromarket operators to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and decrease or eliminate credit card transaction fees.

Koin allows micromarket customers to pay with their mobile phones, use a wallet auto-reload feature, check micromarket inventory remotely and provide service feedback to operators  without physically visiting the kiosk.

To set up auto-reloads for their micromarket wallets, customers preselect an amount, e.g. $5. Once their balance drops below that amount, their virtual wallet will automatically reload with a selected amount, e.g. $20. This speeds up transaction times and has potential to generate more revenue through constant credit availability.

Koin also helps operators reduce cashless transaction fees, or avoid them completely,as Koin reloads made with cash on the kiosk have a 0% card processing fee.

Operators can also use Koin to ensure smoother grand openings by letting customers register for accounts remotely instead of physically visiting the kiosk. Quick registration and easy account management are available to customers at all times and customer feedback functionality and continuous feature releases to the Koin app help operators best serve their customers and keep them engaged.

Payments through Koin are secure, and Parlevel does not store payment information. Purchasing micromarket products remotely through Koin is optional, and Parlevel will soon add loyalty and reward programs. Koin is available for current Parlevel micromarket operators through the koin app on iOS, online at and through the Parlevel vending management system.

"Koin is an extension of the Parlevel micromarket solution, which allows customers to establish access to their information without having to physically be at the point of sale," said Parlevel chief information officer Rafa Barroso. "By providing alternatives for reloading wallet balances, item purchasing, PIN resets, and even new-user registration, we increase kiosk availability, which is reflected in shorter lines and radically improved purchase experience."

Parlevel plans to add more tools in the next few months to further enhance Koin.