Owl Viewers Merge Coin-Op Classic With Augmented Reality

Posted On: 9/2/2016

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Owl viewers
OWL WISE: Owl viewers offer an augmented-reality view of future landscapes in a familiar package. A new installation in San Mateo, CA, provides a view of the impact of global warming.
SAN MATEO COUNTY, CA -- When the city of San Mateo wanted to offer a preview of the possible effects of global warming, it turned to a pair of Owl viewers. Created by Owlized Inc., based in nearby San Leandro, CA, the viewers are an updated version of the classic coin-op tower binoculars.

Unlike the standard tower magnification viewers, made famous by Tower Optical Co. of Norwalk, CT, Owlized's concept provides a view of a future landscape by incorporating augmented reality. The Owls load immersive 3D technology in a familiar outdoor, weatherproof package. They also run virtual reality programing, and offer adjustable head rotation (180°, 270° and 350°), 10,000 x 5,000 spherical resolution, support for 360° video and audio. The viewer's stand can bolt into concrete. However, it is not offered with a coin mechanism or any other payment system.

According to company officials, they are finding use by city planners, educational institutions, marketers and developers who want to give the public a look into the future. Based on the same augmented-reality technology employed in the popular Pokémon Go, the viewers placed in San Mateo in early August have garnered wide media coverage, both for their theme and the AR technology they employ.

OWL: A 3D Digital Viewfinder for Visualization of Architecture, Historic, and other 3D Models, built by Owlized from Aaron Selverston on Vimeo.