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Operators Realize Strong ROI From ICE's Super Trivia

Posted On: 4/17/2006

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CLARENCE, NY-- Innovative Concepts in Entertainment continues to expand its line of amusement equipment with a satellite-style video game concept called Super Trivia. Available in a four-player or six-player simultaneous competitive format, the game seats players at individual stations facing a 60-in. monitor.

Gameplay emulates TV trivia game shows. "The atmosphere is such that you actually feel as though you are competing on a game show," executives explained. "This is a high-impact game that will create a competitive frenzy on location."

The company's claim is enthusiastically endorsed by Jim Bennington of Lucky's/Lucky Strike Entertainment (Novi, MI). Performance is "fantastic," he said, adding: "I couldn't be more pleased with earnings." Record earnings of just under $3,000 per week have been achieved. This amounts to about 5.5% of total gameroom earnings, Bennington explained.

The 70,000-sq.ft. facility offers a 200-game arcade, bowling, billiards and fine dining. Large attractions are important to the FEC, says Bennington. A six-player Super Trivia game from ICE was added to the site in January. "The demographics that the game naturally appeals to, which is the 25-35-year-old guest, are perfect for a family venue," Bennington asserted. "The size of the game makes it a true attraction piece."

Lucky's Super Trivia is placed so that it's visible from the site's restaurant and from the sports bar. "We intentionally placed it so that guests who come in to watch a game on TV or those who are coming for a fun night in the game room see it," Bennington explained.

Both street operators and FEC operators call or visit often to hear details of its performance or to see the piece in person. "I don't mind bragging about it often," Bennington said. "It's a great offering from a solid company that is not just oriented toward kids."

The game poses five trivia questions in various categories: sports, history, curiosities, film/TV, music, science/arts. Three possible answers are offered in a multiple-choice format. The winner is the player that answers the most questions correctly. Tickets can be awarded to just the winner or the top three players. In case of a draw, the winner is the player who answered in the shortest time.

Operator-adjustable features include bonus tickets; these can be awarded to the player that answers five questions correctly in the shortest amount of time. Quarterly question updates will be provided at an additional cost.

Average game play is about 90 seconds and Lucky's offers "a very high prize payout," said Bennington. Prizes range from branded candy up to top-end electronics (Xbox 360 games, iPods, and flat-screen TVs). "We are restricted by the state to prizes at a $250 wholesale value," he explained. "But if we purchase in quantity, we can bring high-demand items down to that mark."

For more information, contact ICE at tel. (716) 759-0370 or visit